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November 24, 2015

Dear Diary,

Such a busy time of year as we prepare for the annual feast of Thanksgiving...
I'm still reading a few books at once. I thought I might stop that, but some of these are fairly disturbing, and I need to divert my attention before I go to sleep, especially while I'm reading the war one, complete with flashbacks and some very strange sequences and events. The other is a pretty boring romance, and I wish it were a whole lot better, because it will go against me when I review it, considering the need to be politically correct and all. Both of these are indie books, so I really want to give the authors the best reviews I can, but I'm not willing to be politically correct if a book bores me to tears. Yes, that was a teaser for anyone following this blog. 

Thanksgiving promised to be a small crowd this year, but it has started multiplying, which is fine by me. I grew up with big crowds, especially during the holidays, so that doesn't bother me at all. No extended family of mine this year, though we held out hope til the last second. I'll keep them in my hearts and wish them well just the same.

I've still a lot to do yet, and I'm keeping more than a little busy today, so I'm going to keep this entry short and sweet. Just wanted to catch up here, since I haven't written in my diary in over a week. It's all I can do to keep up with writing about the books I finish reading, and I do that so I won't forget what I want to say. Here I can simply say anything, and let my fingers do the typing without worrying about it. I take my blog posts much more seriously, so that's definitely not an option for them.

Off to the next order of business. It's a sunny and beautiful day out there, but I don't have time to work in the yard - darn it! Still, I'm happy it's not cold, because I really don't enjoy being frozen like a popsicle at all.

November 16, 2015

I took a rather drastic step on my blogs today and deleted all comments on a few of them, because I was having way too many issues with spam. I thought perhaps it was from some of the blog hops I'd participated in in the past, so I went ahead and deleted all comments, rather than trying to sort through them and try to figure out which comments might be causing a problem, if any at all. It's all in the interest of web safety, so no harm, no foul, and certainly no offense to anyone who's comments I deleted. I also turned off comments on a couple of my blogs, because it's much easier to manage things this way right now. 

I'm sitting here with those little fingertip gloves on, typing in front of an open family room window. The sky outside is ominous and dark, the wind chilly and the storm wonderfully wintery. I hope it snows, though it's doubtful that will happen here. We were up in Sedona yesterday, and the same storm was just getting started. Everyone was talking about getting snow by morning up there. We drove home in rain, and though the weather forecasters said there was only a 60% chance of scattered showers, it's pretty clear most of the entire state got soaked for several hours, and continues to have scattered showers today, along with some very cold temps.

By rights I should be doing a few chores, reading and writing more at present, but I'm taking time to update this diary instead. Partly because deleting all those comments was a tough decision, but most of them were so old, and the reality is, some of those blogs hardly get much attention anymore these days. I'm hoping to change that, once I get this writing blog fixed up the way I want it, and survive the holidays. I'm debating on one particular blog, because I'm working on a book, but the individual chapters of it would make perfect blog posts, and it would be a great way to revive that blog, which I really do enjoy working on, even though I haven't worked on it very much at all in way too long.  I'll keep thinking about it and maybe I'll even do both, publish a book and update the blog with similar material.

Ok, I'm off to clean out the fridge, since tomorrow is garbage day, and this is something I do every week for obvious reasons. There's also a few dishes in the sink to take care of, which means I have to take my gloves off - darn! Dear Shadow, our beagle, is sitting on the far end of the couch snoring and completely ignoring me. He usually likes to sit right up close, nudging and kicking to make sure I know he's there, as if I could forget. He's the cutest thing, but this morning I had to holler at him, because his snoring was so loud, and it was way too early to get up yet. He quickly adjusted his position and we all slept for a couple of hours more.

November 14, 2015

Dear Diary, 

It goes without saying that my heart breaks for France right now. ISIS is a nightmare, and what happened in Paris is beyond terrifying, maddening, frustrating and just plain evil! At present, I don't have words to describe how intense my feelings are. All I know is that I have the same gut wrenching feeling when I watched events from 9/11 unfold - life is in slow motion, as people take stock of how their lives and country will mandatorily change, due to terrorists running rampant in our global society. The repercussions of such tragedy cannot even begin to be hinted at, because every country around the world will be on high alert. My own country, the USA is already heightened, in solidarity with France, but also securing itself in defense of another possible 9/11. The uneasiness and uncertainty of such things, the fear of the unknown, the strange knot in the pit of all our stomachs, knowing, yet never fully comprehending, the evil of such things, things that now have played out forcefully and without reservation in another part of the I have no words, and my feelings such as they are, are wholly inadequate.

Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 4.0 International

So I play with my tablet, listening to the news in the background, and deciding what app to review next. If nothing else, it will be an article to distract from the grim and horrifying news taking place in France. The aftermath has yet to come, as shock is the only reality presently. So I write and carry on, just like I did after 9/11, once I got past the shock, that is. 9/11 happened here in my country, and the shock took several days to comprehend. There was a numbness that is impossible to describe.

The day before all this took place was strange in its own right, only because one of the blog posts I published went crazy. In less than a few hours, it received hundreds of hits. I have no possible explanation for such things, and for a while I thought it might go viral, but then it slowed way down and even though I keep checking the stats, it continues to slow down, receiving its due the same as any other post I've written before. I have no explanation, but would definitely like to know what I did to get that kind of response from my audience, as I'd really like to do the same again with all my posts. It's interesting to note that this same post surpassed the post that had always received the most page views, since this blog was initially started. I always wondered if another post would take its place, and was rather accustomed to seeing it there, every time I checked my stats. Now it's number two, and I'm still getting used to the idea, but I like it. Change is good, and I'll definitely be trying to see if a future post of mine might do the same. Hundreds of hits in a few hours is good, and I like it. I like it very much, so I will definitely work hard to produce more content that might deliver the chain reaction, as it were.

I've been reading so much lately, well into the night, and I've a couple of books to review yet today, plus a couple more apps I want to share with my visitors here. And I need to continue working behind the scenes on this blog. I sit here at the kitchen table, window open next to me, sending light breezes and shadows as I work - play, at my computer. What would we do without technology? Funny, I used to ask that about books, but now I'm finding technology is making it so much easier to read and write, so much more than I ever used to before.

November 8, 2015

Dear Diary, 

I'm thoroughly enjoying this writing blog lately. So much reading, thinking and writing - my soul craves this type of stuff, and I'm finding it more than a little fulfilling. Plus, I get to play with a whole lot of apps, because I review them now. 

It's been a long time since I've cleaned the floors on my hands and knees, but I did that today, and boy do I feel it. This is the longest they've stayed clean in a while, because only hubby and me are home right now. I'm enjoying the moment, because by tomorrow, or maybe even as soon as later tonight, they probably won't look like I've cleaned them at all!

We went to the local park lake yesterday. I read my ebooks while hubby fished. The air was wonderful, lightly blowing through my hair, and even though I had on sweats, by the time we were ready to go home, I was shivering and happy to end our relaxing breather. We also picked up my vintage quilt yesterday. I found it in an antique store earlier in the week, but the store was closed, so I made a point to go back, and took my husband with me. He couldn't believe this little house on a main road could hold so many beautiful antiques, and was positively thrilled to explore each room in turn. I knew he would like this place. It's one of my favorites, if only to go and look at the lovely items there.

I remember when I was a very little girl, my dad and I were driving through downtown Los Gatos, and I was looking out the window at all the little shops, reading their names out loud. I was so proud of all the big words I had no trouble reading, and wanted my dad to take notice, because many of them were considered beyond my grade level. I looked up at him and said, "Look Dad, anti q's. (just like that) What's an anti q, Dad?"  A few of my siblings who were in the car with us giggled, but my dad was aghast. "Anti q," he said. "What on earth are you talking about, dear girl?" I pointed out the window and said, "It says so right there, Dad. Anti q." My siblings giggled a little bit harder. Dad proceeded to do a belly laugh and said, "You mean "antiques" Teresa. They're very old items, and sometimes they are worth a lot of money."

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, because I was also so proud of my ability to read and spell. I can still picture that sign in my mind's eye, as clearly as the day I first saw it, and I will never forget learning how to read and spell the word "antique." More importantly, I learned to be a little more quiet in the car that day. Nothing like a small dose of humility to remind you that it's okay to be proud of your accomplishments, but you don't need to be a showoff, or using your bragging rights just because you can. 

November 4, 2015

Dear Diary, 

So much frustration as I take my own advice, and delete so many spammy comments on my blog today. Anything with a hyperlink disappeared, but that's not what frustrated me. The frustration came when I found so many spam comments in with comments from my followers. I thought I was so diligent in removing them, but there were many I missed, and some I don't know how I didn't see. Lessons learned as I do my best to make my blog safe and secure. Comment moderation from now on, and once I get everything updated on this thing, I will be one happy blog owner. 

Cleaning up after the fact, because you didn't quite know what you were doing when you started blogging is a nightmare, but it must be done. Talk about stepping backwards. Good thing though, as I found one blog post completely written in capital letters. I know I didn't publish it that way, and the font was wrong, and the letters were gray instead of black. Another post gave me a 404 error code, and there were quite a few posts that had DNS errors where photos used to be. Lessons learned. No more blog hops, backlinks, or anything else that might mess with my blogs. It's going to take me way too long to clean up this mess as it is. 

On a better note, today was the first day we've had really cool weather. I even had to finally close the window midday, because I was getting too cold and didn't want to put on a sweater. The rain is so delightful and the storm clouds extremely intense. 

My new doily has hit a snag - I need to rework it somehow, because two sides are shorter than the other, and I don't know how it happened. I certainly can't publish the pattern this way, so I need to figure out what went wrong. It's not too big of a problem, because I'm not finished making the doily, or writing up the pattern, so it's only a matter of a few adjustments and things. 

Anyway, this week has been busy and long, and it's only Wednesday. I'll catch up here again soon. Until later then...

November 3, 2015

Dear Diary, 

My computer sits, bouncing on my lap, with The Voice playing in the background. It's the last of the battle rounds, and we really do enjoy watching this show as a family. Today was playful and very busy with my granddaughter. We listened to my first audiobook in the background, while we played on the floor together. When she napped, I wrote up the review. After her nap, I played dead on the floor and she tackled me for hours. The giggling was almost non-stop between us, and even though I'm pretty tired tonight, I just love hanging out with that little girl. She has certainly taken my heart to much higher, new levels of love. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's dinner. Leftovers for two days is getting rather old, but I hate to throw out food, and they were quite tasty, but it's time for some fresh cooking just the same. 

I learned a new game on my kindle today. It took me forever to sign up correctly, mostly because there was always so much going on around here when I tried, but once I spent a few minutes completely focused on the app, it turned out to be a lot of fun to play. I'm definitely going to encourage others to play it in my review, but I want to advance a bit further in it, before I make my final critique of how much I like it. So far so good, but you never know until you pass a few levels, and I want to be thorough before giving it a big thumbs up or anything. 

I'm currently in the midst of reading more than a few books at once. How this happened, I'm not quite sure, but I know it has to do with my desire to produce more literary studies. I'm working on it, but also want to keep reviewing the books sent to me requesting reviews, so consequently, I'm reading about four books right now, something I haven't done since my college days, and either I'm way out of practice, or it's a bit much - probably a little of both. Regardless, I'm going to write in-depth and solid reviews for the books I'm currently reading. 

There's more to say, but I don't feel like being anymore long winded than I already have tonight, so I'll call it an evening and be thankful for a day well spent. May God bless me and my family, keeping us all close in His heart. I love Him so much, and if it weren't for Him, I know my life wouldn't be nearly as nice as it's turning out. He is my all, and I am so grateful for all the blessings and love He sends my way. To God be the glory, now and forever. Amen.

November 1, 2015

Dear Diary, 

Halloween was relatively uneventful yesterday, as Halloween's go around here. We didn't see a whole lot of trick-or-treaters out, and since it was date night, my husband and I were more interested in hanging out with each other, than worrying about the ghosts, goblins and monsters that might filter through our neighborhood. Dinner and a movie suited us fine, and we had a lovely evening together. 

Go Cards! We won the game today and had a blast watching it with the girls. They're not into football much, and whenever they get together, the comedy routine they put on is positively hilarious. It's one of the things that makes me proud as a mom, because siblings should be close to each other, and my kids truly have an unbreakable bond with each other, I know they will cherish forever. 

It's funny, because this morning I had so much more to write on this page. Then I started making taco meat, feeding the dog and preparing to watch the game, then we watched the game, played some cards and visited for a while, and now, I truly don't remember what I was going to say. Nor do I have a lot to say anymore. It's been a wonderful day so far, and I'm enjoying each and every moment of it, especially the hugs from my granddaughter. We sure do enjoy each other's company :)

October 30, 2015

Dear Diary, 

Such a powerful sky this morning! Wow! Truly beautiful!!!

I woke up to the recycling truck and raced to put ours out on the curb. I'd been stirring prior to that, because my hips were getting a little stiff and I needed to get up and move around. Thank God for small blessings like forgetting to put the recycling out the night before, right? Nothing like a little quick momentum at 6:30 in the morning to get your joints working like they should :)

I'm young, and this arthritis thing, though it could be so much worse, is driving me crazy. I move around just fine, and that raisin remedy I discovered really helps a lot, but there are times when I'm just sore all over, and it's all I can do to keep a smile on my face and not be fearful about what's to come. The more I move, the less it hurts, but when it's sore and I move, it's painful enough to make me stop moving, if I didn't know how much moving makes me feel so much better. So I move, and I move some more. Yea, a little pain is never gonna stop me, and feeling so much better because I'm moving proves I'm better off anyway. 

I caught up on a few app reviews today. I've been meaning to write them up and post them for a while, but you know how life is, only so many hours in a day and all that.

I'm trying to get serious now, because I've got some more intense writing to work on, including a couple of articles I want to post on this blog that aren't reviews, and I need to get my head in the right space for that. It's kind of hard when everyone around here knows it's Friday and we all wish we could start the weekend early, but we're also all buckling down and getting our work done just the same, so I suppose that must include me. 

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I've never been a big Halloween fan. Hubby and I are having date night since the kids all have plans. We've gone out to a movie and eats on Halloween for years, and it's a whole lot of fun, so we'll be doing it again this year. 

Okay, this entry has settled me down a bit, so I guess it's time to work on one of my more serious articles. I've so many plans for this blog, because I truly love to write and it's nice to share what I know with others. Plus, if all goes well, I just might start that new doily I've been thinking's tugging at me to get out the thread and hook, so I'm sure my brain has processed the idea enough now. 

TGIF and all that good stuff!

p.s. Darn, I almost forgot to add the pictures...silly me! There now, that's better :)

October 29, 2015

Dear Diary, 

I'm really not sure what happened, but there must have been some sort of glitch when I was publishing my pages yesterday. Fonts were wrong, some of the stuff was out of order, and well, I know I wasn't drinking or anything. I can't drink at all anymore since that stupid health issue I had a few months ago. Can fatigue do that to you? I've been pretty tired lately, but I feel like I'm losing my mind, because things sure weren't that messed up when I published them. All fixed now, and I even updated all the other pages and fixed a few other things on my blog too.

It's been so nice and cloudy today. I sat inside and read my book and played with a few apps. I would have sat outside, but the glare made it so hard to see. Cooler weather is here, and as much as I'd like to go play in the yard, it was very nice reading too. I've much more of that to do. Man I forgot how much I enjoy reading a good book all the time!

I'm making fish for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a simple white cod in lemon, butter and garlic. I made enough rice yesterday, because we used the leftover bbq chicken to make fried rice, so I saved some white rice for tonight. Always thinking ahead - not really, but who will be the wiser if I say so?

Quiet is nice, and I truly needed it, even though I missed all the commotion around here. I thought about going out for a while. Then I thought better of it and planted on the couch to read my book, chips in hand and water nearby. A perfect way to spend a few hours, if I do say so myself. 

Speaking of which, I didn't intend to spend this many hours on the computer today, so I'm gonna go ahead and mosey on now. There's some other reading I want to do before fixing dinner, and I need to see who added to the Words with Friends games I'm playing this week.  I'm also mulling over how I want to make my next doily. I've more orange thread, and I have a pretty nifty idea, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it yet, and need another day or so to think it over. Ever the wheels turning in my head...good thing they stop when I want to sleep, or I'd be tired all the time!

October 28, 2015

Dear Diary,

What to do when the Internet goes in and out, and won't let me stay connected. Oh, that's right, a million other things, because I have so much to do around here, that I'll never get it all done anyway. 

I finished making the doily yesterday, so I'll be drafting up that post and (hopefully) putting it online today. It turned out pretty cool, not quite like I envisioned, but then the hands have a way of working outside the box, and the results can be rather enchanting at times. I've decided to call it something along the lines of Autumn or Fall Leaves, because it truly does remind me of leaves falling this time of year. 

More changes happening around here all the time; my head keeps spinning and I continue doing my best to go with the flow. It's not always easy, because sometimes we all (each and every immediate family member around here) feel a bit lost in the shuffle. 2015 has definitely been quite the test of stamina, energy and flexibility, and I'm hoping 2016 will be quite a bit calmer for all of us. I'm doing everything I can to make the holidays a bit more relaxing this year, because we all need to sit, breathe, enjoy the moment and simply relax in the moments, treasuring the most amazing family in the world and cherishing our quality time together. 

Yes, that would be Mom overthinking it a bit - best to step back and let things happen as they will. No one needs orchestrated relaxed time, especially when the conductor likely won't get any, because she too busy making sure everyone, including herself, lives up to their roles. Yes, I need to breathe too, and the food will be awesome regardless, so what else could possibly go wrong? All we really need is good food and a family gathering. Heck, I probably don't even need to clean the house, but I will just the same. 

Enough of all this rambling. Time to let go and trust God. Time to love, it's always time to love...

October 25, 2015

Dear Diary,

What can I say? I spent most of yesterday doing little more than absolutely nothing at all. It had been a very long week, and I really needed some downtime. I made up for it this morning by getting up early to do a few chores, finish reading a book I'm reviewing in a few minutes and mull over details for our family dinner later today. 

Communication is sometimes a tough one for me. I'm always happy to help others, but sometimes I overextend, and without realizing it, I wipe myself out. When that happens, I get a little irritated and don't always express myself in a politically correct manner, or even a nice one, for that matter. I sort of get a little bitchy, and it doesn't bode well for anyone. Thankfully, I make every effort not to do this very often, because when I do, it's not a good thing at all. 

I'm looking forward to cleaning the playroom carpet next week. It's needed it for a while, but there's been no time or opportunity to get it done. I'll be writing while it dries, and hopefully designing another doily. I'm still working on the one, but if I have my way, that one will be finished with pattern on my blog, and a new one will be in the works.

Family dinners are always a plus around here. It's nice to get everyone together and enjoy each other's company. Grandma is home from being away this summer, and we're all excited to see her, so today's dinner is sure to be extra special. My heart gets a little tingly about it all, especially since my parents have gone on to the next world, and I really appreciate family gatherings more than I ever did. I've always been a sucker for large family get-togethers, but now that I'm the mom and grandma, they mean even more to me than they ever did before. There's just something wonderful about knowing everyone is happy to gather under the same roof and share some good food and people time. 

On that note, I need to get those two reviews finished and work on my doily now. This is the only time I'll have to do it, so I need to use it wisely. 

October 23, 2015

Dear Diary, 

It's Friday! Need I say more?

October 22, 2015

Dear Diary, 

I'm nothing, if not determined. Today I proved it to myself once again. I was determined to finish my book, and I was determined to update this blog before I forgot everything I intended to publish on it. That only causes backtracking and double work. Personally, I have enough to do, without doing things twice or more. I'm still planning to work on my doily after I finish up on the computer. Hey, it's Thursday night football, and as much as I used to be a fan of the 9ers, I think I'd rather add a round or two to my doily. It's coming along well, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

The weather is finally perfect here. Fans are still on, but we kept the windows and doors open all day. Such a treat to air out the house after our long, hot summer. I'm sitting here looking at my orchid and smiling because the plants will all do so much better now. This orchid is quite the treat for me. I honestly don't know how I've kept it alive, and now it has a new leaf, which if my guesstimation is correct, means it might sprout a new stem for a new flower in a month or two. If that happens, I'll be tickled pink!

My speed reading is a little bit trial and error, a little bit maybe I should work on it first thing in the morning, after I've had my coffee. I can definitely tell the difference between working on it when I'm up and ready to face the day, or exhausted because the day got the better of me. Just tell me I'm only fatigued because my days are busy and I'm so active, and not because I'm getting old. 

There are dishes in the sink, and the dishwasher needs to be emptied. I hate dishes in the sink, so I know what I need to do next. They've been there all day, because I was reading my book so I could review it tonight. They won't be there for long, because there is nothing worse than making coffee in the morning, and moving a bunch of stinking, dirty dishes that are in the way when I'm making it. 

And then I hear the music in the driveway. My son must be home from work, so I'll be signing off now :)

October 21, 2015

Dear Diary, 

I finally made it to the grocery store today! What an amazing thing that was, considering all the interruptions and distractions that kept getting in the way this week. We were out of milk, so there literally was no option since I can't exactly put soda in the baby's bottle, right?

Today has been so much more relaxing than yesterday, and my back finally feels a whole lot better. Sleeping on fancy new pillows helps. I got a couple headaches last week from all the storms, so I told my husband we needed new pillows to help with it. We got the good ones, and even if that wasn't the cause of the headaches, I couldn't be happier, because these things are beyond positively comfortable! I really am sleeping better with them. 

I'm determined to find time to work on my book next week. I've found (made) lots of time to blog, read, crochet and all the other things I like to do again, so I'm sure I'll be able to carve out some time to keep writing my book. I actually have a couple books started, but there's only one I'm bound and determined to work on right now. Does anyone else jot down ideas so they won't forget them, hoping to turn them into a book some day? I don't know and I don't care. I do it, and if nothing else, it gets whatever it is off my mind, because I know it's safe and sound on my computer, waiting to be turned into whatever it might end up being. 

Sometimes I feel a little nuts, but each morning I make a mental note of all the things I want to do that day. There are things that have to get done, and there are want to's and hope to's. Depending on how the day unfolds, I manage to get a lot done this way. The main thing is to get the have to's complete. If I don't do that, I'm all over my own case. Then, if I get some of the other stuff done, it's icing on the cake. Some days the cake doesn't get frosted, and some days it burns in the oven, or the batter spills all over the floor. But either way, it's a nice opportunity to make a flexible plan that helps me accomplish things in my day.

There wasn't a whole lot on the list today. My main thing was groceries and the article on making anthologies, plus playing with my granddaughter, and she topped the list with groceries coming in for a very close 2nd. It's nice that I could load her up and take her with me. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. 

Sausage is about ready to be taken out of the oven, and I need to finish getting dinner ready now, so I'll catch up here again soon. In the meantime, let's plan on relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing tonight. It's only Wednesday, and it's been a very busy week already!

October 20, 2015

Dear Diary, 

What a day! Frazzled and distracted doesn't begin to cover it. Suffice to say, I survived and am glad the evening promises to be less busy. Funny thing is, I still got a lot done, more than I ever thought possible. Quiet time is good for busting my butt, and I definitely used it to my advantage today. 

I'm learning to speed read, btw. Not sure if it's working yet, but with so many books coming in all the time, and my full desire to read and review as many as I can, it seems like a reasonable thing to do. I started the program last night - when I was completely over the top tired, of all things. My scores proved that well enough, and today I did a little better, though I think I must still be pretty tired, because they are not nearly as good as I thought they'd be. Still the exercises are fun and if it helps so I can read and review more books, I'm going for it with everything I've got. 

My new doily is coming along well too. I've started the pineapple part, and though it's not exactly as I pictured it, it is turning out really nice just the same. 

All things considered, I'm glad this day is over, and am ready to relax for the evening. Of course, that means watching t.v., playing on my kindle, maybe reading a chapter or two of my book and anything else that won't require too much physical exertion or energy. 

Good night for now. I'll write again soon. 

October 19, 2015

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting in the kitchen watching The Voice in the next room. It's been a long day, and I finally won Words with Friends with that particularly challenging person I've been playing since I started. That means I've lost 4 - 1, and still have some catching up to do, and it looks like there's another game started, one I intend to win. 

I'm working on a fairly big tedious project for my blogs, but once it's complete, I know I'll be very happy. No time to work on my doily today, but I finished most of the laundry and did some other chores as well, all while taking care of the baby. She loves helping me fold laundry. This is what she does while I make dinner. She has a few cupboards I let her play in, but she chose the pantry, so I child-proofed it for her. 

My back has been acting up a bit today. The price of getting older, I guess. Poor baby had to crawl all over the house, chasing me around today, because I couldn't pick her up nearly as much as I usually do. It's okay. I held her on my lap a lot to make up for it :)

Another storm is on the way, more rain for us, and I'm really glad. It's so pretty when it rains here, with those big open skies, filled with deep, dark clouds gently moving in the wind. I was watching the storm roll in before it got dark tonight, and it might be a really good one again.

Much to do tonight still, so I'm going to finish up here and finish up there and call it a night. Sure hope I'm not too tired to read, because my book is really good. 

October 18, 2015

Dear Diary,

Had such a beautiful day today. Kicking butt on Words with Friends - need to write a review for that one. Having a blast with it, but am challenged by one person in particular, and fully intend to win this next round, after losing a few times in a row to him. I've only been playing a little less than a week, so I know it's just a matter of time. 

Started designing and crocheting a new doily today. My hands didn't hurt that bad at all until a few hours into it. I'm writing the pattern as I go for my crochet blog, but from what I can tell, this is going to be a big doily, so it will be a while before I publish the pattern for people to see and make themselves. I'm thinking of adding a pineapple pattern to it, and I'll need to figure that out yet.

The Cards lost today - what an intense game it was! I was hooting and hollering, even jumping off the couch and scaring the dog half to death at times. Seems the dog is feeling a little better lately. Poor Shadow - he's getting so old and his hips really get the best of him. Thankfully, he's losing a bit of weight finally, and can finally jump on the couch again. I think that condroitin and other meds I got him really help a lot.

Love, love, love the cooler weather, cloudy skies and thunderstorms this weekend! We sure do need the rain, and it is so wonderful after such a long, hot summer!

Speaking of reviews, watched an interesting war movie last night that needs to get reviewed, and I can't wait to review the book I'm reading now, because it is really good. Not quite sure what genre yet, thinking some sort of drama, but there may be more to it than that. If it were a film, it would probably be a chick-flick or something. Still have much to read in it, but it shouldn't take me too long at all.

Running out of things to say now, so I  think I'll go mosey on into the t.v. room and catch a show with hubby now that the football game is over. I can handle cheering on my home team, but I'll never be into watching several games in a row on Sunday.

Winding down for the night...

October 17, 2015

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I've finally made a new crochet post after all this time. It's been on my list forever, but life happens, and well, it isn't always easy to keep up with everything. Determination won out, and even though I couldn't find the hooks I needed for what I thought I wanted to do, I did come up with something nice. 

Loving the clouds and rain yesterday and today! Looks like the extreme heat is finally going away, and I for one couldn't be happier. This was one of those long, drawn out summers. I can't believe we had another dust storm yesterday, probably the biggest one all year, but I think it's finally over. 

Ever not the knitter, I decided to use a ball of yarn that doesn't go with anything else in my stash last week, and started knitting while the boys watched football. I think it's going to be a cowl for the winter, and since it's a neutral color, it should go with just about anything in my closet. I'm looking forward to wearing the new vest I found this summer. I searched high and low last year for vests without any luck, so this year when I saw it, I couldn't pass it up. 

Not sure how today will unfold. Being Saturday, I don't really have to worry about it much. I can't believe I just emailed the photo of my knitting to myself. Sometimes the syncing works and it comes through in my photos, and sometimes it doesn't. I get so frustrated when I want to document memories or make a blog post and have to go through extra steps, probably because my tech challenges get in the way, so who am I to complain. Funny how as soon as I email it to myself, it shows up in my photo album - happens almost every time too. Ah well, patience is a virtue, and it probably doesn't hurt me to work on mine a bit. 

Okay, off to enjoy the weather, if only from the comfort of my couch in my jammies. I hate auto correct, btw. I really wasn't trying to say "jimmies" and had to spend time backtracking because of it. Like that never happens to anyone. If they insist we have this feature, they should at least keep it up to speed with our lingo.

On that note...asta la bye-bye...

October 16, 2015

Dear Diary,

9:30 am - I love those quiet times with my granddaughter, when we sit and chill, loving each other peacefully in the quiet of the day. It's interesting how she plays now, allowing me to read my book and observe her interaction with the toys. Then she checks on me, though I'm only a few feet away at best. Once she touches my leg and gives me a hug, she goes right back to playing. It's as it should be, and I'm one of the happiest grandma's I know.

10:15 am - That's what happens when my phone and kindle are not synced. I end up writing two book reviews for the same book, though many months apart. The reviews are similar enough, so not much has changed, but I wish I hadn't spent more time reading the same book, and writing another review for it. Guess it wasn't all that memorable, huh? If that doesn't say something about my thoughts on this particular book...hmmm

October 15, 2015 

Dear Diary, 

Today was pretty successful.  I still feel way behind in all the reviews I want to write, not counting the books piled up that I still need to read, so I can review them too. Considering I had the baby, I'm amazed I was able to accomplish so much. 

The week has gone fairly well so far. My daughter helped me get a new app - Words with Friends. I'm a Scrabble buff, so this is right up my alley, and it is a lot of fun. More to come when I actually write the review for it. 

The weather is finally turning,  and I for one am more than a little glad to see the heat go away! It's been a long summer, and I'm eager for fall and cooler temps...even bought some harvest lights to hang in the archway. They sure do add a festive feel to our home, and the baby loves them!

Ever the creative spirit, I made a new recipe last night, and used up the rest of the ingredients to make a fresh batch for dinner tonight - that and the fact that I didn't want the meat to spoil. I'm boiling tonight's version on the stove, instead of using the crockpot. I used thin round steak, which I pounded out so I could fill it and roll it up. Here's the recipe in case anyone wants to know. (It was a huge hit around here, so you might want to try it for your family.)

Flatten round steak so you can roll it. 

Mix ground sausage with rice and parmesan cheese - about 1/4 to 1/3 cup each to each pound of ground sausage. (I used a pastry cutter to break up the rice into crumbs and mix it with the cheese. Then I added the sausage to the rice.)  Mix in 2 extra large eggs and mix like a meatloaf.

Finely chop fresh parsley, basil and garlic.

Layer sausage mixture on top of steak, followed by herb mix on top of sausage. Roll up steak and lay seam side down in the crock pot. 

Mix 1 cup beef broth with 1 cup marinara sauce and pour over the top. Cook on high in crock pot for 5 - 6 hours. 

You can do this with one large round steak or several small round steaks. If you use a larger steak, it's a good idea to tie it with kitchen string. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying now. And then I realized how tired I am, because even though it's been a very nice week so far, it's kept me extremely busy and the day is done. Note to self, hold baby with right arm more than left arm. You need to keep those upper arms even, and at this rate, the left arm is in way better shape. 

I'll write again soon. Good night.