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Alphabetical Index
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A-Zing through My Blog Posts Part 1
Adding Photo Credits to Blog Posts
A Few Words about Writing Sex Scenes by Suz deMello
Alex J. Cavanaugh, IWSG and Juggling Writing Responsibilities
Alex J. Cavanaugh Shares His Story
App Review:  All Newspapers of the USA
App Review:  BBC News
App Review:  Bitdefender
App Review:  Block Blast 
App Review:  Brain Math Game
App Review:  Clean Master
App Review:  Clean Master Phone Boost
App Review:  Coin Dozer
App Review:  Color Words
App Review:  Dice Planet
App Review:  Dice with Buddies
App Review:  Farkle
App Review:  50 States by Socratica
App Review:  Free Books
App Review:  The Free Dictionary by Farlex
App Review:  GeoQuiz
App Review:  Guess the Emoji
App Review:  Handrite
App Review:  Hooked on Phonics
App Review:  Ingenious
App Review:  Jumble
App Review:  Languinis
App Review:  Laudate
App Review:  Left vs. Right
App Review:  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
App Review:  Mental Math
App Review:  Move It!
App Review:  NASA
App Review:  NPR News
App Review:  Nursery Rhymes for Kids
App Review:  Olympics Official App
App Review:  PBS Kids ABC Adventures
App Review:  Politico
App Review:  QuizUp
App Review:  Reading Trainer
App Review:  Smithsonian
App Review:  Tap 5 Differences
App Review:  Trivia Crack
App Review:  Unblock Me
App Review:  Vocabulary Mastery
App Review:  The Weather Channel
App Review:  World Geography Game
App Review:  World Landmark Game
App Review:  Word Smith by Devarai
App Review:  Words with Friends
Arizona May Days
Audiobook Review:  The Hospital by Keith C. Blackmore
Author John A. Heldt Discusses Writing Outlines & Chapter Summaries
Author Spotlight:  Debra Bory's
Author Spotlight:  Nicki Elson
Avoiding Writer Burnout

Being True to Yourself in Writing 
The Benefits of Quality Reading
Benefits of Technology
Betcha Never thought about the Writing Process Like This Before
Beyond Country Borders
Bindu, Canning, FlashTyme - Pass the Spaghetti Please!
Biography:  Frank O'Hara, Artist & Poet
Biography:  Ted Kooser, American Poet
Birthday Theme Ideas 
Blank Profiles and Creating a Presence in Blog Land
Blog Action Day 2013:  Human Rights
Blog Action Day 2015: #raiseyourvoice Save the Baby Humans
Blog Experiment Improves Stats
Blog Hopping Badges, Manners and Etiquette
Blog Hops at Your Fingertips
Blog Learning Curves in January
Blog Make-Over Series - Adding Social Media to Each Post
Blog Make-Over Series - Changing Background Images
Blog Make-Over Series - Changing Your Blog Address
Blog Make-Over Series - Check Your Stats
Blog Make-Over Series - Editing Pages
Blog Make-Over Series - Name That Blog
Blog Make-Over Series - Overview
Blog Make-Over Series - Templates and Design
Blog Perceptions:  Personal Journals Gone Awry or Mini Websites
Blog Tips for User Friendly Blogging
Blog Topic Resources
Blogging 101:  Pet Peeves According to Moi
Blogs are Mini Online Magazines
Book Lovers and the Ebook Revolution
Book Review:  7-Day Prayer Warrior
Book Review:  30 Gluten Free Meals
Book Review:  101 Ways to Earn Money from Home
Book Review:  101 Ways to Earn Money from Home by H. Jayne
Book Review:  925 Ideas to Help You Save Money
Book Review:  The Academy by Robert Dugoni
Book Review:  Adventures in Consciousness by Debbieanne DeRose
Book Review:  Alexander the Great by Sean Patrick
Book Review:  All Hallows' Eve (anthology)
Book Review:  All I Want by Shayne Parkinson
Book Review:  America for Americans by John Philip Newman
Book Review:  Alphabet Anatomy Series by Linda Ann Jones
Book Review:  Bah, Humbug by Heather Horrocks
Book Review:  A Boo-tiful Halloween by Angela Shori
Book Review:  Checking It Twice by Melissa T. Webb
Book Review:  A Cure for Little B*****ds by Callum MacKinnon
Book Review:  A Curvy Coldwater Christmas by Jenn Roseton
Book Review:  A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays
Book Review:  Behind Bars, True Crime Stories Vol. 1 by Sean Lewis
Book Review:  Bend Me, Shape Me by Debra R. Bory's
Book Review:  Beyond the Blue and the Gray by Tony Verna
Book Review:  Bible Girl & The Bad Boy by EC Stilson
Book Review:  Box of Rain by Debra R. Borys
Book Review:  The Cabin by Angela Shori
Book Review:  Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin
Book Review:  Cassie and the Wild Cat Bug in a Rug Book by Pat Hatt
Book Review:  Cassie and the Wild Cat Meet & Greet Book by Pat Hatt
Book Review:  Cat & the Dreamer by Annalisa Crawford
Book Review:  A Cat's Legacy, Dulcy's Companion Book
Book Review:  Cerulean Risings, Beginnings by Justin Sewall
Book Review:  Champion in the Darkness by Tyrean Martinson
Book Review:  Chasing Charlie by C. M. Newman
Book Review:  Chinese Recipes 500
Book Review:  Christmas Beyond the Box by Josh Langston
Book Review:  Christmas Ideas, A Christmas Idea Book by Sherrie le Measurer
Book Review:  Coda to Murder by J. Q. Rose
Book Review:  Dancing on Rocks by Rose Senehi
Book Review:  Death by Didgeridoo by Barbara Venkataraman
Book Review:  The Designated Survivor by JC Gatlin
Book Review:  Divergent by Veronica Roth
Book Review:  Divine Temptations by Nicki Elson
Book Review:  Easy Halloween Costumes
Book Review:  El Recreo/Recess
Book Review:  Evergreen, A Christmas Tale by Richard Taylor
Book Review:  Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James
Book Review:  Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
Book Review:  Forbidden by Salem Kane
Book Review:  Frankie the Frog by Arnie Lightning
Book Review:  Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability by Bruno McGrath
Book Review:  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Book Review:  The Halloween Collection from Indie Eclective
Book Review:  Her Unwelcome Inheritance by J. Alexander Wooton
Book Review:  The Honk of Zagonk by Pat Hatt
Book Review:  Incredible Home Canning Solutions by Martha Millhouse
Book Review:  The Insecure Writer Support Group Guide to Publishing
Book Review:  Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Book Review:  The Job Offer
Book Review:  Jump Start Your Gluten Free Diet!
Book Review:  Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly
Book Review:  Kindle Buffet by Steve Weber
Book Review:  Krim Du Shaw
Book Review:  The Light Between the Oceans by M. L. Stedman
Book Review:  The Locket by Mike Evans
Book Review:  I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables by Shelley Admont
Book Review:  Memoirs of a Bad Dog by Curtis Moser
Book Review:  Middle Damned by Shane Stilson
Book Review:  Millionaire by Kasim Kaey
Book Review:  The Mine by John Heldt
Book Review:  Morality for Atheists by M. Adams
Book Review:  Mount Everest by Jim Melrose
Book Review:  Nightfall by Laura Griffin
Book Review:  Olivia, Mourning by Yael Politis
Book Review:  On Mother's Lap by Ann Herbert Scott
Book Review:  One Dark Halloween Night by John Kohlbrenner
Book Review:  Peaks & Valleys by Spencer Johnson M. D. 
Book Review:  Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson
Book Review:  Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri
Book Review:  Playing for Pizza by John Grisham
Book Review:  Public Relations for Authors by Babs Hightower
Book Review:  Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening by J. Q. Rose
Book Review:  The Rebirth of Dino Earth by Pat Hatt
Book Review Request:  Living Nude Statues by George Arthur Laureau
Book Review:  Rollercoaster by Woody Weingarten
Book Review:  The Santa Next Door by Stephanie Cage
Book Review:  The Scare - A Halloween Story by Kirsten Lenane
Book Review:  September Sky by John Heldt
Book Review:  The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever
Book Review:  Silver Bells by Sadie Hart
Book Review:  Sliding on the Edge by C. Lee McKenzie
Book Review:  Sold by Patricia McCormick
Book Review:  Soul Searching by Shaheen Darr
Book Review:  Squat the Robot by Pat Hatt
Book Review:  The State of Food Insecurity in the World
Book Review:  Streamtown by John Reinhard Dizon
Book Review:  The Sun Killer by Diana Dwayne
Book Review:  The Survival of Thomas Ford
Book Review:  Telling Details by Kat Duncan
Book Review:  Ten Busy Brownies by Talia Haven
Book Review:  That Sadie Thing and Other Stories by Annalisa Crawford
Book Review:  Tommy Goes Trick or Treating
Book Review:  Toxin Toxout by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith
Book Review:  The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure
Book Review:  A Very Holly Christmas and the Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts
Book Review:  Vladimir Putin, The Controversial Life of Russia's President
Book Review:  The Well of Being by Jean-Pierre Weill
Book Review:  What to Eat Gluten Free in Restaurants- Phx/Scottsdale
Book Review:  The Witch's Big Night by Sally Huss
Book Review:  Words to Love By by Mother Teresa
Book Review:  You Are Not Alone by Leah Carey
Book Review:  Zack's Choice by Harry Gilleland
Book Review:  The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step by Jeanette Raleigh
Branding - Negative and as a Writer
Broken Links are Horrible for Your Site
Business of Writing:  Developing Online Presence

Captcha Free Blogging Zone
The Cask of Armontillado by Edgar Allen Poe
Challenging Yourself as a Writer
Charles Dickens, Writer Extraordinaire!
Cheers to the Phenomenal World of Bogland
Cheersfest 2013, Roasting Arlee Bird
Comfort Zones and Writing
Comment Censorship
Commentary:  Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo
Commentary:  The Lady or the Tiger by Frank R. Stockton
Complacently Obsessed with Classic Literature
Computer Threat and Cyber Attack Dangers
Contemplating the Writings of Edgar Allen Poe
Contributor Badge Helps Visitors See Fewer Ads
Controversy on Lots of Crochet Stitches
Creating New Content through Theme Blogging
Creating a Writing Portfolio
Crediting Your Source of Inspiration
Cruising My Hood Writing Prompt Series:  Introducing Shadow
Cruising My Hood Writing Prompt Series:  Native Plants
Cruising the Neighborhood - Bird Video
Cyberthreats:  Botnets and Zombie Armies

A Day in the Life of a Writer
Defining Blogs
Defining Plagiarism
Deleting Comments and Removing Links to Eliminate Spam
Delving into the Life and Works of Edgar Allen Poe
Developing Boundaries and Perspectives in Writing (IWSG)
Developing a Focal Point in Writing
Dialog - Writing What's in Your Head 
Do's and Don't for Book Review Requests
Dream Destination Blog Hop
Drink Water to Reduce Writer's Block
Driving Traffic to Your New Bookstore

Ebooks vs. Blog Posts - Choosing the Best Publishing Platform
Edgar Allen Poe Delivers Evil Eyes and Guilt in the Tell-Tale Heart
Edgy Writing Declares War on Society's Issues
Educated Opinions and Why They Matter
Eliminating Anonymous Comments on Blogger
Enhancing Your Writing through Word Choice
Evergreen Content is Better for Your Blog
Exploring Writing Venues

Fabulous Fun Friday:  Let the Games Begin
Fabulous Fun Friday:  An Optical Illusion and Classic Cartoons
Family Dynamics & Politics
Fear and Entering Multiple Blogs in the A - Z Challenge
50 States of Pray Blogfest
Finding Freelance Writing Jobs
First Impressions of Edgar Allen Poe's Poem, Eldorado
5 Tips to a Better Marketing Strategy
Fixing Blog Formatting Issues
Flash Fiction According to Moi
Flash Fiction:  Pulled Apart by M. J. Joachim
Flash Fiction:  Snowman Scavenger Hunt by M. J. Joachim
Flexible Working Hours
Following Blogs and Visiting Blogs
Freedom of the Press Explained
Freelance Writer's Resource:  Writer's Market  Stats, Analytics, Reviews
Free Writing Resources

Gardening, Book Reviews, YouTube Videos, Blog Hops & More...
Generating New Writing Topics
Getting to Know Pat Hatt from It's Rhyme Time
Getting More Page Views on Your Writing
Getting Your Own Book in a Bookstore
Google Contributor Facts and Information
Grammar and Writing Guide
Guide to Hot Water Bath Canning by M. J. Joachim

Happy Thanksgiving Poem
Helium Writing Community is Closing Its Doors
Hobbies, Comedy, Edgar Allen Poe, Gardening...This Post Has It All!
Hold It! Stop Everything! Write What You're Thinking Right Now!
How Coded Pictures, Badges and Book Covers Can Mess Up Your Blog
How Reading and Writing Feed Off Each Other
How to Earn Trust from Your Fans
How to Engage Your Audience
How to Get More Comments and Followers on Your Blog
How to Hear Inspirations
How to Maintain Writing Quality
How to Participate in a Blog Hop
How Readers Browse the Web
How to Take a Blogging Hiatus
How to Write Research
How Writers Get Rich
Humble Beginnings
Hunger Games Book & Movie Commentary
Hurricane Sandy Sounding Board
Hyperlink Comments Can Hurt Your Blog

The Importance of Keeping Your Writing Genuine
The Importance of Observation
Impress Your Audience with Great Content
Improving Vocabulary through Sentence Expansion
Increasing Blog Traffic by Posting More Often
Indexing Your Blog
Influenced by Words
In Loving Memory...
The Ins and Outs of Owning a Bookstore - Overview
Internet Etiquette and Boosting Your Traffic
Internet Standards for Websites & Blogs
I Want Your Writing Tips & Author Promotion Posts
IWSG + The Story Behind Alex J. Cavanaugh's Cassa Series

Just Being a Writer Today
Justin Sewell's First Blog Post

Keeping Content Interesting
Kudos, Tara! You Deserve It!

Learning How to Write
Let People Know When You Link to Them
Links & Webpages - You Be the Judge
Literary Studies:  Chapters from My Autobiography by Mark Twain
Literary Studies:  The Chimes by Charles Dickens
Literary Studies:  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Literary Studies:  The Christmas Goblins by Charles Dickens
Literary Studies:  Christmas in Poganuc by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Literary Studies:  The Poor Traveler by Charles Dickens
Literary Studies:  Roughing It Part 1 by Mark Twain
Lobster Award - Uh, Say What? Self Correcting Computers...UGH!

Making Dreams Come True
Making Scrolls from Papyrus Plants
Making Web Pages on Your Blog
Making Your Work Credible by Consulting the Experts and Studying Your Topic
Marketing Your Work on Facebook
Movie Review:  Alexander (Theatrical Cut)
Movie Review:  Arbitrage
Movie Review:  August:  Osage County
Movie Review:  Bachelorette
Movie Review:  Backwards
Movie Review:  The Book Thief
Movie Review:  Burnt
Movie Review:  Cinderella (2015 film)
Movie Review:  Day of Siege
Movie Review:  Divergent
Movie Review:  Django Unchained
Movie Review:  God's Not Dead
Movie Review:  The Human Stain
Movie Review:  Little Men
Movie Review:  The Lorax
Movie Review:  Magic Mike
Movie Review:  Olympus has Fallen
Movie Review:  Penguin Post Office
Movie Review:  Playing for Keeps
Movie Review:  The Rebound
Movie Review:  Safe Haven
Movie Review:  Saving Mr. Banks
Movie Review:  The Shunning
Movie Review:  Side Effects
Movie Review:  Solomon Kane
Movie Review:  Steel Magnolias (Original)
Movie Review:  Still Mine
Movie Review:  This is Where I Leave You
Movie Review:  Wake Up
Movie Review:  Winter's Tale
My New Book is Live on Amazon
My Road to Writing and Self Publishing by S. J. Hermann

Negativity Almost Never Leaves Your Audience Happy 
Never Stop Learning with Free Online College Courses
Niche Marketing
Notes, News and More
Nuts & Bolts of Opening a Bookstore

Online Marketing Symposium - The 4 P's of Marketing
Opening Your Own Bookstore - Idea Becomes Reality
Open-minded Writing Increases Popularity
Operating and Running Your Own Bookstore
Organizing Your Book
Organizing Your Writing
The Oval Portrait by Edgar Allen Poe

Paulette Harper Shares Valuable Marketing and Writing Tips
Pictures and Images Enhance Websites
A Poem Inspired by Another Blogger
Poetry:  Abuse Victim's Howl by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Ah, Life...and then we smile by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  A Moment in Time (poetic expressions) by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Batte Cry by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Bring on the Weekend by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Broken Walls by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Captcha by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Castle Stories by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Comment Moderation by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Eternal Longing by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Hunger Management by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Internal Conspiracy by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Passed On by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Pink Slips by M. J. Joachim
Poetry:  Wealth Found in the Garden
Poetry Analysis:  The Choice by Rudyard Kipling
Poetry Analysis:  Empties Coming Back by Angelo de Ponciano
Poetry Analysis:  Evolution by L. F. Rea
Poetry Analysis:  Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Poetry Analysis:  Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
Poetry Analysis:  A Prayer for a Little Home by Florence Bone
Poetry Analysis:  Quiet Waters by Blanch Shoemaker Wagstaff
Poetry Analysis:  Requiem by Robert Louis Stevenson
Poetry Analysis:  Songs of Innocence Introduction by William Blake
Poetry Analysis:  Sonnet from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Poetry Analysis:  This World is Not Conclusion by Emily Dickinson
Poetry Analysis:  A Very Minor Poet Speaks by Isabel Valle
Poetry Analysis:  Wisdom by Sara Teasdale
Poetry Analysis:  A Wise Old Owl by Edward Hersey Richards
Poetry Analysis:  Xenophanes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Policing the Internet
Precious Writing Time
Preparing Blog Posts
Presenting Yourself as a Writer
Producing Quality Web Content
Promotions and Follow Me Buttons
Pros and Cons of Owning a Bookstore
Publisher Guidelines
Purposeful Writing and the Rights of Commentators
Puzzled Over Writing Flash Fiction

Quality Web Content

Real Writers Just Do It!
Regarding Book Review Policy and Requests
Regarding Google Reader
The Research Process
Researching vs. Learning
Respecting Your Sources
Responsible Writing & the Need to Perform Our Duty
Revealing the Writer Within
The Reviewer is Writing Some too...
Reviewing My Review Process

Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day A
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day B
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day C
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day D
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day E
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day F
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day G
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day H
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day I
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day J
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day K
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day L
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day M
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day N
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day O
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day P
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day Q
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day R
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day S
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day T
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day U
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day V
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day W
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day X
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day Y
Riddle Me This:  Writing Prompts, Tips & Word of the Day Z

Say What's On Your Mind
Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say
The Secret of Freelance Writing
Sedona Cathedral Hideaway, A Review of Sorts
Self Expression and Boundaries
Setting Goals to be Successful
Shadow and Luna Get Orlin to Dance
Sharing Your Thoughts through Word of Mouth
Shorthand Confusion Regarding Email and Text Messages
Short Story:  Mastering the Heart by M. J. Joachim
Show Me the Money
So Many Ideas, So Little Time (IWSG)
Spam Negatively Affects Blogs and Websites
Steve Martin, the Writer
Stew from the Local Landfill??? Say What???
St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance - Holiday Food Drive Blogfest
Summer Reading Overview 2012

Taking the Ech Out of Technical Writing
Tapping into Raw Emotion - Revealing Your Soul in Your Writing 
Tapping into Your Inspiration
Targeting Audiences & Writing for the General Public
10 Reasons to Write Book Reviews for Your Blog
Testing Your Writing Skills
Theme Writing
This Crazy Month of June...
Time Management Tip for Writers
Tips for Compiling Writing Anthologies
Tis the Season, and Oh, What a Busy Season It Can Be Too
To Schedule or Not To Schedule
A Town Called Home in America
Translating Your Blog for Your Followers - That was Easy
The Twitter Debate
Tyrean Martinson Reveals the Makings of an Every Day Writer

Understand Your Motives
Unexpected Writing Lessons
Upgrades and Apps
Use Your Words and Then Learn Some New Words
Using Business Cards to Promote Your Writing Portfolio
Using Transitions and Transitioning Words
Using Your Own Blog Posts to Learn HTML


Viruses and Malware Prevention Methods for Your Blog
Visiting Other Blogs Increases Follower Count
The Voice (An Experiment)
The Voice of Those Forgotten in Michael Jackson Mania

Watching, Reading and Doing with Purpose
Welcome Distractions When Reading, Writing & Reviewing
What Interstellar Can Teach Writers about World Building
What Should I Write about Today? How to Develop New and Exciting Writing Topics
What to Look For When Writing Reviews
Why Rough Drafts Matter
Wiki This, Wiki That, Wiki-hone Your Writing Skills
Woohoo! I Received the Dragon's Loyalty Award
WooHoo! It's My Very First Blog Award!
Wow! October 1 Already!
The Writer's Challenge
Writers in a Changing World
A Writer's Responsibility and Power
Writing Craft and Cooking Tutorials
Writing For Niches and Meaning
Writing Guests Posts for Other Blogs
Writing Investigation #1:  Follow-Up on Blog Rage
Writing Investigation #2:  Focusing on the Details
Writing Investigation #2:  Follow-Up on Writing Focus
Writing Investigation #3:  Dealing with Mega Topics
Writing Job Resources & Information 
Writing Kissing Scenes by C. Lee McKenzie
Writing On the Path of Least Resistance
Writing Prompts & Character Development
Writing Tips for a Day in the Life of a Writer
Writing What Needs to be Said
Writing With Meaning and Integrity
Writing a Zombie Novel

Your Power to Write
Your Role as a Writer

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