Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Trap of Blogging

As much as I went through a sort of blogging withdrawal,  if you will, I also came to understand that blogging was a habit, something I made a point to do as much as I could. The allure of page views and those pennies for them was akin to that slow rise on the roller coaster ramp, right before you suddenly dropped into oblivion only to be tossed in a different direction,  before rising and falling again.

Blogging was hard for me to stop, much like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms that have a way of sucking the life out of us, or at least monopolizing way too much of our time. And for what? Popularity,  page views,  pennies??? The art form deducted from the intensity of immediate gratification soon gave me to realize blogging was not my life, but rather a means of expressing myself and sharing my thoughts with others.

To gain what I had lost by blogging so much, I had to rediscover a part of myself overshadowed by daily task and time consumption associated with blogging. All the while new experiences kept me on my toes, and my longing for the present emerged with severe intensity.

Ultimately my blogging habits, and indeed my blogging attitude had to change. I was to control my blogging experience as much as my blogging output, though admittedly there was a destined decrease in blogging output due to a variety of circumstances both beyond and within my control.

Goodbye to the days of blogging being an unending and tedious chore. Hello to the days of blogging as a leisurely activity again. It also helps to simplify my blogging experience these days, focusing more on my writing than all the distractions that come with production and marketing each blog post. There's an app for that, and the learning curve is smaller.

It's nice to be blogging again. I love to write, but I don't live to write. I write because it's part of who I am. Like gardening, crocheting and cooking, writing adds value to my experience as a human being.  Hopefully it adds value with those I share it with too, but that is not a requirement,  only a hope on a wing and a prayer.

Wishing you enough,

M. J.

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