Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Blogging is not Writing, Writing is not Blogging

Whether you use blogger, wordpress,  weebly, medium, wix or a host of other blogging platforms,  the reality is that blogging is publishing. It is for all intensive purposes a jack of all trades publishing forum, where anyone can post and publish anything.

Writers can easily get caught up in the details,  neglecting their true calling as wordsmiths.  The overwhelming responsibilities of being a publisher outweigh the necessary calling of negotiating words upon the page. Divide and conquer, weeding out those with too many words to share, and not enough experience in publishing to spend enough time engraving their multitude of words in each post.

Vicious as the cycle can get, it will never prevent a true writer from penning words to paper, computer,  blog, article, book or diary. True writers will find a way to tangibly expel their words from their hearts. Their audience while being important,  is not a requirement for their release of the written word.

Personally speaking, I was a bit of a paranoid blogger,  always checking to see if my formatting, links, publishing and marketing was right, always wondering if some of those helps like linking with other bloggers did more harm than good. I'm still not convinced some of those blog hops didn't hurt me. It doesn't take a genius to know that when your page views go way up, your pennies shouldn't be going way down. 

None of that seems to matter much now, since life took me on an extended adventure that didn't have time for blogging. It gave me a new perspective being away, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this new journey in blogging ends up. Right now I'm just glad it's more about the writing.

M. J.

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