Monday, May 9, 2016

Free Book Promotion: A Star-Reckoner’s Lot by Darrell Drake

by M. J. Joachim

Fantasy author Darrell Drake has received impressive reviews for his three previous books, Within Ruin, Everautumn and Where the Madness Roosts. His newest book, A Star-Reckoner’s Lot, a story centered in Sassanian Iran “where the rich history of a thriving late antique empire joins the magic and mystery of fantasy inspired by the legends of the time,” is expected to be released soon.

Beginning next week, Mr. Drake will be running a dynamic campaign to announce the official release of A Star-Reckoner’s Lot in the near future, a book that is receiving a 4.5 star rating in its beta format on Goodreads.

“Rather than simply writing a novel in the setting, I chose to dedicate one and a half years solely to research. Between visits to York University, reading academic papers, sitting in libraries, and seeking out any source of information I could find, I sought to establish an understanding of the nations’s history and culture - enough that in writing the novel I could accurately and respectfully represent Sassanian Iran. This only served to fortify my appreciation for the settings, and to strengthen my desire to get it to readers. It gave me confidence in my presentation.” Darrell Drake

The efforts and work that went into A Star-Reckoner’s Lot are inspiring, to say the least, as Mr. Drake went to great lengths to bring readers a story that would not only be engaging, but accurate in its depiction of scenes and historical content rendered therein. A merciful star-reckoner is the main character in A Star-Reckoner’s Lot, something rare and different in the realm. This is a fantasy story that deals with a woman’s grief over the loss of her husband, while pursuing a quest for justice in his regard.”Inspired by the magical legends found in classics like the Shahnameh and One Thousand and One Nights, I wove tales of mystery and monsters into her story,” states Darrell Drake.

While I haven’t read the book, I must admit intrigue and curiosity regarding its release. If you’re into reading historical, fantasy novels, this might be one worth checking out when it is ultimately released. More information about all those details can be found by contacting Mr. Drake through his website.

Many thanks to Mr. Drake for contacting me about the upcoming release of his new novel. If you’d like me to help promote your book, please send me an email with your author bio and as much information as you can about it. I’m happy to help authors as much as possible on this blog, and while there will never be enough time to read and review every book I receive, I can provide this service of free book promotions, to help you get the word out about yours.

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