Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Free Book Promotion: The Extraordinary Temptation by Patrick McCusker

by M. J. Joachim

Award winning author and Nature Conservationist, Patrick McCusker spent two years writing, editing and polishing The Extraordinary Temptation, a story that promises to give religious skeptics a challenging, if not thoughtful new perspective. Nothing like a bit of an archaeological find to unearth new evidence, challenge status quo and turn people’s worlds upside down.

It’s the type of book that might just leave you scratching your head. Where does an author come up with this stuff? “The story started as half a sentence while driving a car on a winter’s night,” states Patrick. “Two years later, at 90,000 words, it was finished.” Gee, is that all, and then he had to proofread, edit and publish it, a lengthy and challenging process at best, all the while seeking to promote it to a lively audience, one that hopefully would appreciate the story he unveiled.

We all know the story of Jesus. Many of us believe full heartedly, so reading stories about finding mummified skin attached to the Crown of Thorns is intriguing, and perhaps a little creepy too. Enter the realm of ghosts and goblins - but this is supposed to be spiritual, where truly holy things transcend the ways of the world with an indisputable supernatural omnipotence, and the groundwork for an undeniably intense read has been laid down as the foundation.

Patrick McCusker is a prolific, international writer, with several books to his name including two thrillers, one nature conservation book and numerous short stories. Several of his short stories have been broadcast on radio. Having lived in Canada, the USA and currently in Ireland, his experience and engagement with the world promote a unique writing perspective in his work. 

While I have not yet read The Extraordinary Temptation, based on the work showcased on his website and blog, I’m sure it will likely be very enjoyable when I do. That said, I encourage all of you to browse the many writing offerings made available by Mr. McCusker, and decide for yourself if his books are something you might be interested in reading. Obviously, if you do, Amazon and Goodreads are excellent sites to share your reviews, so you can let people know how you feel about Mr. McCusker’s work.

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