Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review: Porcupines Do Extreme Sports, A Counting Book by Susan Srikant

by M. J. Joachim

Ah, the joy of having a little one to share so many wonderful picture book and children’s stories with, an assistant to be sure, kid tested, grandma approved!

It was an exciting moment as I put Porcupines Do Extreme Sports on my computer screen this morning. My little 19 month old granddaughter giggled and pointed, repeating certain numbers with me as I read them out loud. Ms. Srikant promises the book will be released soon.

While I’m not sure all of the activities would be considered extreme sports for us humans, I definitely think they are undoubtedly very extreme for any porcupine we might come across. I had to giggle as I pictured porcupines on the dance floor, quills poking each other and making the dancing that much more energetic. It’s a human thing, my creativity and imagination on overload type of thing, because truthfully, this delightful picture book is way too much fun to read and share with your favorite little one.

Not that she needed to know, but I used the opportunity to enhance my granddaughter’s vocabulary by explaining the definition of spelunking to her. That started an entirely new conversation, where we crawled around on the floor and under the kitchen table and bureau, exploring the nearest caves in our midst.

There’s an energy about this gently illustrated children’s book that is so positive and engaging, a call to action, while being able to sit quietly and read the story. The idea that so many things are possible, planted as tiny seeds in a child’s mind, teaching them how to count while inspiring their dreams to explore and anticipate their innate sense of adventure.

Porcupines Do Extreme Sports is one of those children’s picture books you will read again and again with your child, each time getting something new and enjoyable out of it. It’s a wonderful book for early childhood education teachers, because a few lesson plan ideas are built right in, so that the teacher can incorporate physical education, science, culture, reading and math skills together. That’s always a big plus in my book, which is just one of many reasons I strongly recommend this book to you.

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Happy reading, writing and whatever else you do,

M. J.

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