Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review: Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31 - 33 Written by Werner Stejskal, Illustrated by Mario Tereso

by M. J. Joachim

Eye-catching, vibrant and quite simply a delight to behold, the artistic talent exhibited in Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31 - 33 is truly dynamic, entertaining and fun! Mario Tereso went above and beyond when it comes to illustrating this engaging little children’s book! Cheers to you, sir! I am thoroughly impressed with your creativity and talent!

Pictures in a picture book obviously need to be the focal point, but the story has to make sense and be fun to read too. Oliver and Jumpy, a cat and kangaroo respectively, are best friends, and just like the old Tom & Jerry cartoons I grew up with, they enjoy their adventures. In this particular set of stories (there are lots more where these come from), New Year’s Day turns into a festive occasion where dishes come to life preparing a feast and helping Oliver and Jumpy celebrate. It reminded me a bit of The Brave Little Toaster and a few scenes from Beauty and the Beast, as Mr. Tereso truly brought all aspects of this story to life in his distinguished illustrations.

The second story takes us out to sea, where whales and sharks combat each other, testing fate as Oliver saves the day. No spoilers, this is a story kids will really get a kick out of. The third story takes us deep into the forest beneath the grass blades, where we meet all sorts of little insects and critters, engaging in their underground world and learning a little bit more about them.

All the stories in this volume are colorfully illustrated and wonderfully told, providing unique teaching moments for anyone who reads them to children. I particularly like the formatting of this picture book, with the words placed strategically at the bottom, so they are easy to read, without overlapping onto the pictures. It’s important to make words and pictures work together, complimenting and enhancing each other in picture books, something Mr. Stejskal and Mr. Tereso do exceptionally well. If you have little ones, this is definitely a book you’ll want to add to your shelf, so your kids can enjoy it time and time again.

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M. J.

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