Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: Kitty Conquers the Big Bully by KayeC Jones

by M. J. Joachim

Girl power! Fist bump, fist bump and fist bump again!!! Gotta love a book that teaches girls to stand up for themselves the right way, without turning into little brats themselves. Seriously, though, Kitty Conquers the Big Bully is a captivating picture book, determined to teach girls how independent and successful they can be. It’s all about recognizing that girls can be and do anything they want in today’s world, without listening to the naysayers, or falling prey to anyone’s negativity.

At first glance, this little children’s book translates into how to deal with bullies, because the bully in this story is big and mean and scary. Reading between the lines a bit, I recognized the bully as being a thing more than any one person. It’s that too often repetition of negative messages people consistently say to themselves, especially after someone else says them first. It’s that notion of self doubt, lack of self esteem and hint of inability that really stops people in their tracks, not the bully who picks on them. The bully is only doing what bullies do, and picking on someone to be mean.

Kitty may be only four years old, but she’s wise beyond her years in my opinion. At first she’s rather upset when she gets pushed in the mud; the obvious response is anger, frustration and to feel bad for being picked on. Instead, Kitty starts thinking about things, launching her into an entire repertoire of things any girl can do, if she only dares enough to try. As much as she could have let the bully get to her, Kitty turned the tables on him instead, by recognizing that his actions toward her, didn’t have to define her actions or make her angry at all.

Kitty Conquers the Big Bully contains such a positive and wonderful message for girls. It’s a delightful story filled with colorful and dynamic pictures, an educational book destined to encourage the conversation about dealing with bullies, as well as teaching girls to dream big, because anything is possible, and they truly can be and do anything they want in life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and trust you will too. Please share this review to help others discover this fine children’s picture book. A lot of care and attention to detail went into the production of this manuscript, so please help the author sell more copies by sharing this positive review for a job well done. Thank you.

Wishing you all every success with your reading, writing and whatever else you do,

M. J.

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