Monday, May 9, 2016

Book Review: How to Babysit a Grandma

by M. J. Joachim

As a Grandma, I can definitely vouch for the contents of this book! Along with a few other things like having mud fights in the garden and water fights in the pool. How to Babysit a Grandma is a delightful story full of great ideas on how to spend time with your grand - children and parents. The pictures, illustrated by Lee Wildish, are colorful and very entertaining. The story is engaging and fun. I received it for Mother’s Day yesterday from my granddaughter.

It’s true, little ones love to go to the park. One of the interesting things about this book is the reverse psychology dialog, where the grandchild is completely and fully in charge, and Grandma gets to spoil her precious child, all the while doing things that need to be done like making dinner - together, of course.

Not that I believe grandchildren get to rule the roost at Grandma’s house, but I certainly know they get to have their say about how to spend quality time together. Grandma still looks out for their best interest, which is clearly emphasized in the story. It’s just that she does it with so much love, that she and her grandchildren find it positively enjoyable to do whatever needs to be done. Even bedtime is a thrilling time of day.

It’s a grandma thing, and perhaps a grandpa thing too. There’s something about loving on the little ones your children bring into your life, and it’s a very good thing indeed!

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M. J.

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