Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: The Day the Aunts Disappeared by Russell Hughes and KayeC Jones

by M. J. Joachim

In a play on words, using the very familiar homonyms ant and aunt, The Day the Aunts Disappeared creates a uniquely fun story from the perspective of an anteater and his community, where the anteater is always hungry, but the community is not thrilled, because he is eating all their aunts. Greg wanders through town completely unable to help himself, while he seriously helps himself, causing far too many relatives to get upset, because no one wants to lose their aunts. Does that make any sense to you at all?

Probably not, because this is one of those silly stories every young child loves to read, the type where food is plentiful, gas flows readily and all works out in the end - literally. The nice thing about this story is that people were understanding and compassionate, perhaps to a fault, because I’m not sure I’d have been nearly as forgiving if some hungry animal had come along and eaten my aunt.

As is expected from Cozy Bear Studios, the artwork in these stories is phenomenal. For those who don’t know, Cozy Bear Studios is where author and illustrator Hughes and Jones, a husband and wife team, create their stories together. I’ve reviewed a couple of their stories so far, and find them a lot of fun. One of the neat things about these stories is that so far, since I haven’t read and reviewed them all yet, none of them are the same. The stories are completely different, and the artwork is too, which makes it all the more entertaining, because with each story being unique, kids will enjoy them all.

On another note, I’m not fond of gas, and this particular story might just make you gassy, or at the very least cause your child to mimic a few less than polite sounds after reading it. It’s only fair to warn you, after all. None-the-less, I think you and your kids will really get a big kick out of this book. 

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