Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: Cerulean Rising: Evolutions by Justin Sewall

by M. J. Joachim

Entertaining a bit of history, political tug-of-war and spiritual reflection, Cerulean Rising: Evolutions, a sequel to Cerulean Rising: Beginnings, engages readers with a space war between aliens and humans, in interplanetary galaxies, fought among spaceships where leaders have far reaching agendas, not always in cohesive adaptation with the unscrutinized goals and best interest of all persons involved. It is fair to say that leaders want what they want, regardless of the consequences or loss of life, human or otherwise, in a battle where the end justifies the means.

It’s a tough tale to digest in the most pleasant of circumstances, because too many times it rings true in real life. War is ugly, no matter which species are fighting it. Prisoners of war pay a high price for being held captive. Some are never released, others die a thousand deaths through their tortures, while still others succumb to the slavery that entraps them, as they hope and wait for a hero, some mysterious or dominant being they’ve always known and trusted, to rescue them from their plight.

Dire, direct and otherwise, Sewall’s book kicks you in the stomach, especially if you read beyond the detailed and characteristically real scenery, where trivens and ai’s dominate much of what is being played out in the far expanses of the galaxies. Space war is not an easy concept to digest, its consequences dire and ultimately permanent due to the vastness of the universe.

Cerulean Rising: Evolutions is an interesting and qualified story, one that will undoubtedly satisfy science fiction fans, while tapping into a broader market due to its intriguing messages. There are some very profound things to think about after reading this book, which is one of the many reasons I found it so enjoyable to read.

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