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Book Promo: Apophis by Caron Rider Available for Pre-Order

by M. J. Joachim

by M. J. Joachim

Author of the highly acclaimed young adult trilogy, The Silver Series, with reviews averaging between 4 and 5 stars from approximately 50 reviewers on Amazon, Caron Rider is establishing herself as an effective and definitive science fiction author kids thoroughly enjoy, in large part due to her background in teaching middle school, the same background that continues to inspire much of her writing and publishing journey.

Her heart is with her students when she writes, choosing to gear her novels toward what they want to read. “I buckled down and wrote for them. I’ve always been a huge science fiction fan, and there is nothing in Apophis that girls should shy away from. In fact, one of the main characters is a girl (a very smart one),” states Rider. She goes on to say, “A few teen boys are my beta readers, and they’ve already begged me to continue Apophis as a series.”

As they prepare for a devastating asteroid to hit the planet, scientists divide mankind into two separate groups, one borne into a lengthy period of inactivity, while another is sent to Mars. Humans, martians and artificial intelligence come together hundreds of years later, each vying for their own little corner of the universe, while facing the very real threat of war amongst themselves. This is the premise Apophis promises to unveil within its pages.

Rider obtained her BS degree from the University of South Alabama and has worked as an educator since the 1990’s, where one of her primary focal points was working with at risk youth. She lives in rural Missouri with her family and several pets and animals. Along with publishing The Silver Series Trilogy and Apophis, Rider is also preparing to publish a book called Far Away Kingdom, which promises to be available soon on her website. You can also visit Rider’s blog, where you will learn a few gardening tips, along with being entertained by some other fun posts.

Caron Rider

Though I’ve yet to read Apophis or any of Caron Rider’s books, I must say I’m intrigued and looking forward to reviewing at least a couple of them. If you like young adult, science fiction books, it might be worth your while to give it a go, and read some of Rider’s books. At this point I can’t recommend any of them, but if you read and enjoy them, you can. Reviews are always encouraged and welcome on Amazon and Goodreads.

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