Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book Review: Virgil by Samuel Alexander

by M. J. Joachim

“Thanks to all my test readers. I’ve never had any and the first time I do they actually like my book. So thank you for suffering through my unedited manuscript without running for the hills,” Acknowledgements written by Samuel Alexander for Virgil. To put it bluntly, you need some new test readers, and you definitely need to edit this book a whole lot more!

Despite all that, I could hardly put this book down, because the story mesmerized me right from the start. Not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for everyone’s taste, this book and the story revealed in it is positively gut wrenching. It’s the type you see and hear about on the news, the stories where kids have been set free after years of abuse and sexual torture. You have to know what happens, even though you’re practically sick to your stomach learning all the details.

This book is thoroughly gross and positively disturbing on so many levels. And then it falls flat on its face, with some semblance of a happy ending where the parents, the perpetrators of all this evil, end up in jailed and are killed by their fellow inmates. The boys who will be forever scarred are suddenly talk show heroes and have somehow become more successful in life than most of us would ever dream.

There are enough books with similar disturbing content out there, that you don’t need to spend time or energy on this poorly edited, sexually explicit and extremely unsettling novel. At times I wondered if it wasn’t based on real life. Personally, I don’t know how anyone could write something like this, unless they experienced some of the abuse therein, which is one reason I am truly bothered giving this poor and dishonorable review.

There’s a story here, one a lot of people might find fascinating and compelling to read, but not in its current state, and definitely not if they have issues relating to abuse or don’t like sexually explicit material between all genders, ages and professions. It’s that sick, and this is your fair warning. If you do decide to read it, I’d wait until a new and improved version is available, because the editing and spelling are atrocious!

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M. J. 

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