Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review: The Tumor by John Grisham - Focused Ultrasound, A Cancer Treatment Alternative

by M. J. Joachim

Terrifying, living in a world where medicine and medical treatment is dictated by so many factors other than what will help patients live longer and healthier lives, a world where cutting edge technology has the capability to advance, but funding is limited or stifled, due to various factors including, but not limited to, cultural and turf issues, FDA and other governmental and lobbyists agendas, medical insurance demands, National Institutes of Health and academic research, the pharmaceutical industry and much more. Enter center stage an alternative health treatment designed to treat (and sometimes cure) cancer and many other diseases, a treatment so significant that it can literally reduce patient pain, suffering and financial burdens, while treating devastating diseases with limited effort, downtime and side effects.

This is the reality shared in John Grisham’s book, The Tumor, a book Mr. Grisham says “is the most important book he has ever written.” The treatment does exist and in a perfect world, it would be readily available to anyone who needs it.

“Focused ultrasound is a new, revolutionary, groundbreaking, non-invasive therapeutic technology that has the potential to transform the treatment of a variety of serious medical disorders in addition to brain tumors, improve outcomes, and decrease the cost of care.”

If you’ve ever known someone with cancer, or perhaps you have it yourself, and you’ve witnessed the devastating effects it has, not only on family and friends because it is quite simply a terrifying disease, one where the treatment sometimes seems worse than the illness itself, you understand the need to explore and develop new and improved treatment options to ease the burden of this debilitating disease, not only from a health perspective, but from a financial one as well.

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is on a mission to do just that, and John Grisham spent countless hours creating a book, explaining in easy to understand, plain language, how focused ultrasound can and should be a decided element of anyone’s healthcare options when dealing with cancer and other crippling diseases. The problem is that there is limited availability, due to all those previously mentioned agendas, as well as a few other factors playing into the mix. We’re talking about saving patients and their families billions of dollars here. We’re promising to increase quality of life, while battling a disease that would sooner kill you and make your family go broke in the process, than go into remission and make it possible for you to carry on like you did before the diagnosis.

The book is free, and in it you will meet a patient and his family. You will witness a first scenario where this patient undergoes traditional treatment and dies, and you will witness an alternative scenario where focused ultrasound is used to treat him, allowing him to watch his children grow up, keep his job and continue to live a fulfilling life many years after his diagnosis with brain cancer. Grisham went to great lengths to include numerous visuals in this book, pictures and graphs designed to hit home with anyone who reads it. They certainly did with me.

The reality is cancer and many other illnesses suck. They are some of the worst and most feared diagnosis’s in our world today, and whether you end up with the disease yourself, or know someone who suffers from it, life changes and will never be the same again. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way, and we as individuals can have a say in whether or not it stays that way. I lost my dad and uncles to cancer many years ago. I want my say and I want others to stand up and give their say too. If focused ultrasound will improve quality of life, maybe even cure cancer and other diseases for people and their families, we need to push our own agenda, demanding it become a viable and available option for anyone diagnosed with cancer and other debilitating diseases in the future. We need to add our voices to this cause and do our part to make a difference.

Please, take the time to read this short book written by John Grisham. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed and I know the wheels will start turning in your head, challenging you to speak out, donate and share this information with everyone you know. It’s that important, and Grisham’s book about it is that good.

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M. J.

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