Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book Review: The Fisherman by Nancy Smith

by M. J. Joachim

Delightfully written and illustrated, The Fisherman is a beautifully orchestrated tale about a man looking for his friend, so they can go fishing together. It is destined to be a classic children’s picture book, one that will delight children over and over again.

My granddaughter and I had so much fun reading this book together. The colors were soothing and the story was engaging. We even got up off the couch and mimicked some of the activities taking place in the story. No spoilers, just teasers. There’s no doubt in my mind a lot of kids will do the same thing.

A neat thing about this book is that it is written a bit like a fable. There are things to consider when reading this little book, and lessons to be learned. It’s a kind story, promoting love and generosity, while planting seeds of altruism in our little one’s hearts.

Positive books like this one deserve to be promoted, so I hope you’ll share this review and help get the word out about this wonderful children’s book, that was published June 2015.

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M. J. 

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