Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Review: Adventures in Consciousness by Debbianne DeRose

by M. J. Joachim

Framed as vignettes about the experiences of delving deep into the subconscious, to the point of having out of body episodes, levitating and becoming ever so much more fully aware of oneself and psyche, Adventures in Consciousness is nothing more than an educational and marketing document for the Monroe Institute. The entire little pamphlet, framed as a book, consists of mini essays about attending this place, meeting and becoming highly involved with other members, all the while supposedly becoming intensely familiar with one’s deeper inner core, thus enabling one to transcend the body and become more fully aware of one’s surroundings, creating a situational impact of being able to somehow affect one’s life in a more positive and effectual way.

It’s the stuff of gurus, selling their wares to an unsuspecting public audience, in the hopes of recruiting more followers. It’s the type of book that preys on the lonely and those who are hurting and in need of healing, attempting to draw them in and promise them a future free of pain. Sceptic that I am, and also fully aware of the need for balance, the reality that pain is often necessary to reach a higher awareness and grow as a human being, and the realist that believes there is no one size fits all solution to attain personal happiness, I’m not buying what this book is selling.

Hey, if stuff like this helps people, that’s great, and I’m all for it. I’m not for recruiting people and telling them that if they join this movement, all will be well, provided they give it a chance to really work for them. In other words, if you find it strange and a bit weird when you first start going, it’s on you, because you’re so messed up, you just don’t realize how much this institute is able to help you, so unless you help yourself by continuing to absorb yourself with its higher healing powers, you will never be free of the pain and sadness weighing you down and preventing you from being your best true self. Red flag! Red Flag! RED FLAG!!!

My personal opinion and advice is not to waste your money on this book. If you need to learn more about the program presented here, Google it and take the time to get a well rounded education regarding what this group is all about. Skip the propaganda presented in this book, designed to suck you in with promises that this is the answer to all your problems, if only you’d give it a chance. Again, there is no one size fits all, and no one has to pay for happiness.

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