Monday, April 25, 2016

Book Review: 100+ Knock Knock Jokes by Johnny B. Laughing

by M. J. Joachim

Admittedly there are some good knock knock jokes in this short children’s book most suitable for elementary aged children. There are also some pretty redundant ones, where “shut the door” and “close the door” seem to be the primary punchline. There’s no denying the creative mind that went into the making of this book, to the point that I literally read some of the jokes with an accent, please don’t ask me what kind (I think it might have been Italian), in my head.

Many of the jokes are clearly beyond any young child’s comprehension, opting to play on adult humor - not sexual at all, more like current events being reported on the news, which leads me to believe youngsters might giggle anyway, because they’re having so much fun being silly, but they won’t have a clue about why they are laughing. That said, it’s a cute book that may or may not be worthy of adding to your child’s library, depending upon how much they get a kick out of knock knock jokes in the first place.

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M. J.

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