Friday, April 15, 2016

App Review: Clean Master

by M. J. Joachim

Clean Master provides an easy way to boost the productivity, efficiency and memory on your device. It makes it easy to deal with junk files, has an antivirus feature, as well as an app manager. The app manager is really nice, because you can uninstall apps you no longer need or want, or ones that simply take up too much energy and storage, directly from this feature in the app.

The phone boost works on phones and tablets, allowing you to free up extra storage space. There’s also a device cooler feature, where you can scan your device and cool it down if necessary. The antivirus feature scans your apps, as well as all their updates.

Clean Master is a solid, easy to use app that will definitely make your technology life easier, in my opinion. Having used it for quite a long time now, I’m thoroughly satisfied.

Thanks for stopping by today. Best of the weekend to all!

M. J.

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