Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poetry: Battle Cry

by M. J. Joachim

Do not weep for me
For I am not alone
Cowering in a corner
Never safe at home
The life I lead is tragic
The journey unforeseen
The pain endured, dramatic
But oh, the things I’ve learned

To trust is not an option
Sleeping comes in waves
Fear is not withstanding
Lest we make it to our graves
Don’t cry for me and wonder
How to save me from my plight
Hidden in your deepest recesses
You know, you know what’s right
Talking all about it
As if that helps at all
Letting bullies bully
Making others feel so small

Hitting where it hurts the most
Depriving what’s assured
Until you’ve walked in these shoes
You never have endured
Says the woman shielding children
Says the child all alone
Says the soldier in the battle
Never feeling safe at home

©2015 M. J. Joachim, All Rights Reserved Photo credit: CCO Public Domain