Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poetry: Abuse Victim’s Howl

by M. J. Joachim

Broken hearts mend
A sure thing untrue
For abuse to withstand
There’s hardly a cure
Nightmares attend
Followed by tears
From those beaten badly
For too many years

Discarded and deemed
Unworthy of love
Rejected, forgotten
Bruises heal
As do words
Denial of love
Beyond too absurd
Killing the soul
For no reason at all
Irreparable wounds
Meant to make victims fall

Broken hearts muster strength
Releasing the loss
Of unfathomable pain
Feeling too high a cost
Hidden far far away
Torment never allowed
To infiltrate today
Or become victim’s shroud

For all abuse victims and survivors, 

M. J.

©2015 M. J. Joachim, All Rights Reserved Photo credit: John Hain, CCO Public Domain