Saturday, November 14, 2015

Google Contributor Facts and Information

by M. J. Joachim

“Contribute a few dollars each month. See fewer ads. It’s that simple. The money you contribute helps fund the sites you visit,” states Google Contributor’s about page. It’s about advertising and sharing the love, with the ultimate potential of making Google’s web experience more user-friendly, and in virtual effect, less spammy.

Ads are there for a reason. Very few people can work for free, and even fewer people have the luxury of not marketing themselves at all, so Google has provided an option for consumers and producers, by letting consumers buy ad space, in return for seeing fewer ads. Producers benefit, because when someone contributes to their site, they get a small share of the profits.

Bloggers, writers, artisans, designers and lots of other creative people spend thousands of hours, collectively maintaining and adding to their sites, so visitors can benefit from their knowledge on millions of sites throughout Google’s Contributor network. Many of these same site owners include Adsense or Double Click for Publishers on various Google sites people visit every day. Web surfers now have the option of buying their very own ad space, decreasing the amount of ads they see.

How to Become a Contributor
Site visitors can choose how much they want to contribute to the sites they’d like to subscribe to through Contributor.

  • $2 reduces ads by 5 - 15%, 
  • $5 reduces ads by 15 - 25% 
  • $10 reduces ads by 25 - 50%

Once you set up a Contributor account, you control how much you donate to the sites you’ve added as subscriptions therein. According to Droidlife, “Once you decide on an amount, you setup a payment through Google Wallet. Then, you are ready to start browsing the web and experiencing less ads, as long as you are signed into your Google account.” After you’ve set up your contributor account, you’ll find a Contributor dashboard, where you can manage your settings, add sites, adjust your contributions and see the effects of your donations to reduce ads on the sites you’ve chosen. You can use Google Contributor on millions of websites, or on sites you specifically list in your dashboard, spreading out your donation to all sites, or specifically directing it to certain sites.

Once you’ve removed the ads, Google gives you the option of replacing the ads with pictures of your choice. They also might include a small “Thank you” in place of the ads you’re not seeing, to fill in the space not being used by advertisers. Regardless of the filler, by opting to subscribe to Contributor, and choosing to support your favorite sites and the sites you visit frequently, you get to see a lot less ads on the sites you donate to and enjoy visiting.

How to Include Contributor on Your Site
First and foremost, you need to have some type of Google Ad account set up, so the ads can be replaced with Contributor. This way, when visitors opt in, and include your site with the ones they prefer to see less ads on, they have a way to do so. If they’re not seeing ads on your site, they wouldn’t need to minimize or block them. After that, it’s all about letting people know you’re participating in the program. There are three main ways to do this.

1.  Include a Contributor Badge on your site, by adding the code and specifying the variables. You can adjust the badge according to your site. My advice is to keep it visible, near the top of the page, on the right side, since a lot of people will notice it there. If you’re using blogger, add a gadget text box, using the html option, and adjust the badge to your liking, so that it is noticeable and easy to click on. The badge has the code you need, to let Google know you’re a publisher using Contributor on your site.

2.  Another option is to set up in house ads on your site. This is Google’s Contributor ad, which allows you to join forces with Google by incorporating their Contributor ad on your site. Publishers use Google code along with their publisher id, which promotes Contributor to visitors on their site.

3.  A third possibility is publishing a blog post or page announcing and sharing Google Contributor with your audience. Simply let people know you are now participating in Google’s Contributor network and would love to have your visitors contribute, by adding your site to the list of sites they already include in their contributions. You might also include some basic information about the program in your post.

Google Contributor is an easy, effective way to improve user experience, while continuing to fund those who host our favorite websites. It’s an option giving web users and site owners more choices over the quality of what’s on the web, because the more that gets contributed to any particular sites, the more likely those same sites will rise in the ranks.

This site participates in Contributor and my badge is in the top right hand corner. I sincerely hope you will add it to your list of favorites and contribute to the work being done here. 

Here’s to quality web browsing and site hosting, thanks so much for stopping by,

M. J.

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