Monday, November 2, 2015

Evergreen Content is Better for Your Blog

by M. J. Joachim

Evergreen content is content that is sustainable over the long haul of your blog. It is content that never becomes outdated, because it is always relevant and can easily be updated, as technology changes. The foundation is there, and a few tweaks will be all it needs to keep it up to date.

Writing evergreen content means providing one’s audience with current, pertinent information they can readily use to gain insight into whatever the topic might be. It prevents one’s audience from wasting time and energy, by reading outdated information that won’t help them, because there is no longer any value in it, though there may have been value at the time it was written.

Writing evergreen content is fairly straightforward. Authors should choose topics that never go out of style. Reviews are good for this, as are how-to and diy posts, recipes, crafts and standard information that has stood the test of time. Writers should develop their own unique writing style that puts evergreen content in a new light, providing it with a new perspective or angle, without taking away from its sustainability that is expected to stand the test of time. Good writers should be able to infuse their writing with a new and vital flare that makes it interesting and difficult to resist, causing their audience to read their work with added attentiveness, curiosity and fascination.

According to econsultancy, “Evergreen content can drive traffic to your website and build awareness over a long period of time. It’s the best way to gain the best return from an investment in content.” Writing and publishing blog posts takes time and energy. It’s tough to see so little page views and receive so few pennies for your work, but you can improve your prospects by publishing evergreen content that is valued by your audience on your blog.

Producing evergreen content improves your reputation, because new visitors will likely be more attracted to your site, when they spend time reviewing what you’ve written on it. Your fan base will also benefit, because they will consider your site a relevant resource they can count on to find appropriate information and materials, something they’ve always counted on you to provide them with, and continue to do so, because your site is well maintained and you make a point to provide current information that doesn’t become easily outdated.

Evergreen content can be one of your biggest marketing advantages when promoting your blog. Quality content that remains relevant ranks higher in search engines, is easier to find and can be linked to without reservation. “Once the social sharing phase is over, the majority of your blog traffic will come from search engine results, so having topics that are always relevant will continue to generate leads long after you hit “publish”- in fact, evergreen posts have the potential to become even more popular as time passes! This means evergreen posts are the perfect inbound content,” states Hannon Hill, a content management and strategy firm. Quality content that is combined with excellent SEO and sustainable information has the potential to increase traffic, boost search engine rankings and improve your reputation as a blogger.

That’s not to say you will never need to review your past posts, updating them and modifying them as necessary. It is advised that you take time to do so on a regular quarterly or semi-annual basis. However, such maintenance will be minimal at best, especially if your content meets the specified criteria of quality evergreen content.

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M. J.

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