Monday, November 16, 2015

Deleting Comments and Removing Links to Eliminate Spam

by M. J. Joachim

It’s the strangest thing. I’ve spent days cleaning up comments on my blogs, because like you, I don’t want any spam to interfere with the work I’m doing on them. The weird part is that as much as I’ve gone through them to remove spam comments, each time I take another look, it seems like I’ve missed a couple of spam ones that suddenly appear. Now I know, this sounds crazy, and believe me, I feel like I’ve lost a marble or two on this one, but it happened again this afternoon, even after I’d removed published spam comments just this morning.

I’ve checked my blogs and they’re all clean, but somehow the spam continues to get through, so I’ve gone the extra mile and removed very old comments, so that I’m only leaving six months or so on blogs I’m regularly working on. This way, if there is some weird link thing going on, it pretty much can’t cause a problem on my blog, because I no longer have the comment there to cause the problem. In a way, I feel like I’m being a bit anti-social, but in another way, I’ve learned a few things over the years, and nothing about this is anti-social at all.

When I was admin in a very large blog hop a couple of years ago, we had so many issues with bogus comments, and the worst part was that you couldn’t tell the good comments from the bad ones. I noticed that same hosting blog has actually deleted one of the pages where we had the most problems, because that page (from my rough estimation) was the reason people had trouble posting comments on the main blog. It got so bogged down with spam, that it prevented people from commenting on the blog at all.

I no longer participate in blog hops, because I’m not a fan of link swapping at all anymore. If your content doesn’t get them to your site, maybe you need to produce different content. If you visiting and commenting on their sites, doesn’t invite them and encourage them to return the favor, maybe they’re too busy, or maybe it’s not about comments and commenting for them. Either way, blogging is a one person show, where the blogger produces the post content and takes care of their individual site, so if that same blogger decides to visit a lot of other blogs, or only one or two, it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

That’s not to say linking is a bad thing at all. There’s linking and then there’s linking. Linking to share valuable information or make it easier for visitors to find something useful is linking. Linking to spazz out all over the web, as in blog hops and links in comments, has the ability to create an entangled mess that is difficult to wade through at best, and messes with people’s platforms and computers at worst. So yes, I still link when it’s appropriate. This is the Internet after all, and linking is part of the territory. What I don’t do is link and become part of the downside of linking, where very few people, if anyone, benefits from the hurried mess of spreading links around, for no other reason than to visit a bunch of blogs and hope to get a bunch of visitors in return.

On that note, if your past comments on this or any of my other blogs are gone, please don’t take personal offense. I’m going to great lengths to make this site one of the best ones you can visit on the web, and sometimes that means going to extreme measures, for the sake of everyone’s Internet security, and my own sanity, as I really hate it when I know I’ve removed spam, and suddenly find a little bit more, time and time again.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday,

M. J.

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