Sunday, November 8, 2015

Book Review: A Curvy Coldwater Christmas by Jenn Roseton

by M. J. Joachim

Corny, cute and ridiculously dreamy, A Curvy Coldwater Christmas was easy and light to read. It wasn’t your typical steamy romance novel. In fact, it was quite short, almost too short, developing a whirlwind romance from start to finish in almost less time than it takes to catch your breath after hiking on a cold winter’s day. Perhaps that was the point, but there was so much more to the story than that.

I like the way this novella makes the main character easy to identify with. Kate didn’t exactly have the perfect figure, in part because she loved to bake and owned the town’s local bakery. She also had self image issues, particularly when it came to begin attractive to men, which is why she needed a little help from her friends.

They set her up as Mrs. Claus in the town parade. Mr. Claus was none other than the guy she drooled over, the same guy who was extremely good looking, the type who wouldn’t notice a girl like her in a million years, which is why her friends had to set them up, right? For all his good looks, he still hadn’t found the girl of his dreams, and he was single. So much for that theory.

This book is perfect for teens, because the message goes far beyond the story. It’s a romance, but not full of explicit sexual scenes, and the writing definitely draws you into the story. Sure, it’s a little far fetched, but isn’t that the purpose of fiction and romance? I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am glad it didn’t turn into a how-to sex course. There was plenty of sexual tension and intimacy without all that stuff, which actually makes it more realistic, when you think about it.

While I don’t plan to add this book to my Recommended Reading list, I will say it’s a nice book to read, if you’re interested in a short romance, minus all the hoopla in the bedroom.

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M. J.

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