Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review: Checking it Twice by Melissa T. Webb

by M. J. Joachim

Flanked on either side by pages upon pages of blatant self promotion, this little, itty bitty flash fiction story should not have been published as a book, in my opinion. Having to turn that many pages to read such a microscopic piece, strategically placed in the center of the book, is almost insulting to anyone who dares to download the book!

The story was okay, if you like Santa turning into some evil creature who turns naughty kids into elves. I’ve heard and read a lot of Christmas stories over the years, and this one is downright disturbing, though not surprising since the author touts herself as a dark writer. I certainly would never read it to a child! As a flash fiction piece, however, it’s entertaining enough.

I’m more ticked that I wasted that much time searching for the story in the middle of the book, and then spent so much time looking for a second or third story after I finished reading this one, because certainly there had to be more to this book than that. Disappointment, frustration and distrust for this author are the result of her publishing a book with little more than one flash fiction story, stuffed somewhere between the pages upon pages of advertising. It’s deceptive and fallacious at best.

Be true to your audience when writing and publishing, because they can easily be some of your best promoters in this industry.

M. J.

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