Saturday, November 14, 2015

App Review: The Weather Channel

by M. J. Joachim

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing weather forecasters dramatize the weather. Using the tone and inflection of their voice, they send shivers up my spine, as the hair on the back of my neck begins to stand on end, my eyes start to glaze over, my throat goes dry and my nails dig into the unsuspecting dog or couch. “There goes the weekend,” I grumble as I listen to tales of catastrophic winds, bone chilling temperatures and high percentages of rain, the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades, which quite possibly might shatter the records prior to records ever being kept. By the end of the weekend it’s clear - drama makes for good weather, even if there’s nothing to be dramatic about. But I still want and depend on an accurate forecast for my weather report, something I know I’m not likely to get from my local forecasters.

Not surprisingly, I searched for weather apps so I could alleviate this problem, assuring myself of some reasonable weather predictions, without scaring the daylights out of me, because all I really want to know is what to wear, whether it’s good gardening or hiking weather, and if I should plan that day trip up to the mountains. Plus, it’s nice to know my relatives and friends across the country are safe and minimally affected by whatever Mother Nature sends their way.

Looking at a general forecast, reading radar maps - hey, green means rain, right? Getting an approximate idea of the temperatures and reading more in-depth stories if I’m so inclined is exactly what I need to receive from my weather news, which is why The Weather Channel is the perfect app for me. Gone are the days when a shrill meteorologist will dictate my fear of the forecast for days. High temps are expected in summer, and snow should be anticipated in winter. El Nino’s warmer waters in the Pacific Ocean causes more rainfall, so some flooding should be expected. As for turning all of these things into front page, non-stop talking points, that’s another story and it isn’t going to plague me anymore.

The Weather Channel has local weather, radar, current temperatures, forecasts, plus videos and news of weather happening and affecting things around the globe. One of the best features of this app is that I’m in control of what I want to view, read or listen to, and I can decide which weather stories are of primary importance to me, allowing me to use weather as an informative tool to help me make educated decisions, instead of considering it just another dramatic news story that may or may not get too much coverage, depending on how each individual station wants to share it with the public. I’m a fan of The Weather Channel, because when it comes to dramatic forecasts and weather, I’ll be the judge of that.

May all your days be weather perfect and filled with the delights perfect weather brings,

M. J.

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