Monday, November 16, 2015

App Review: Vocabulary Mastery

by M. J. Joachim

Word scramble meets the dictionary in this app, that is designed to help people learning English as their second language. Despite the fact that English is my native language, I have a lot of fun playing it just the same. The dictionary aspect relays the part of speech and defines a given word with blanks below it. Below that are a bunch of scrambled letters that will spell the answer, when they are arranged correctly. I have to admit, some of these word jumbles can be a little bit challenging at times.

Another neat feature of this app is the spelling component. Turn on the sound, press the microphone icon and spell the word you hear. Mixed up letters are below, so you’re not working blind. This part of the app helps with pronunciation and clarity, so people can easily recognize words by sight or sound, when using this app.

The primary focus of this app is to help students prepare for English as a second language tests like TOEFL, so they can enter college. According to the product description, “Best way for learning vocabulary with TOEFL Words. There are 400 must have words for the TOEFL test that you have to master it.” I personally think designers should make this a full fledged vocabulary app, including thousands of words, so everyone can play, test their vocabulary, learn new words and have a blast increasing their language skills.

It’s a fun app, but since English is my native language, I will likely get bored practicing so many common words I’m already familiar with, though I do enjoy playing word scrambles, and the added element of solving them based on definitions is quite intriguing.

May we always be word wise, and not tangled up in the absence of understanding,

M. J.

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