Saturday, November 14, 2015

App Review: NPR News

by M. J. Joachim

There are times when I can easily be a bit of a news junkie. I like my news to be factual, without all the editorializing that takes place on too many of my local tv stations. Unfortunately, when one relies on local television news, they get whatever is delivered, without the option to do anything but take what they get. There’s an app for that, and I found it - several apps, actually, but NPR (National Public Radio) is really good.

Supported by its audience, this news app delivers in-depth, detailed stories in as many categories as one can consider. Reporters are thorough, providing authentic information, researching every aspect, writing and editing their articles to perfection. Medium is no obstacle to them, and their reporters are in nooks and crannies across the globe, as they broadcast news accounts in written, video or audible formats.

There are a number of cool features to this app: top stories, a variety of topics and local radio stations to explore, plus some very intriguing regularly broadcast programs to discover. Each has a full list of programs to choose from, so you can view and listen at your leisure. Perhaps the best part of this app is that it is supported by the public, so they count on us for their ratings, thereby tailoring their stories to the ebbs and flows of our likes and dislikes, and they keep things varied, rather than covering the “big” story constantly, without tossing in some other news that we might want, because the “big” story is heartbreaking, depressing or too much to absorb all at once. Granted, the platform of being able to search for other news on this app makes that a more viable option, but still.

Regardless, NPR News is an intellectually sound news app that delivers news for free, and provides quality information, without all the unnecessary bells, whistles and editorials, so people can stay abreast of what’s going on in the world, without being told how to feel about it.

Here’s to staying informed and making intelligent decisions because we have the facts and information we need to do so,

M. J.

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