Tuesday, November 17, 2015

App Review: NASA

by M. J. Joachim

Yes, there’s an app for that! And it’s really cool too! This is one of the most interesting and educational apps for science, astronomy and space exploration. You can’t even imagine how exciting it is to read so many amazing articles, interact with so many features, stay informed and up to date with just about everything you can imagine that might be happening at NASA these days. It truly is a phenomenal app that engages its visitors and helps them understand so many things about the universe.

The photo galleries are magnificent, the videos are educational and entertaining. There’s a section on tweets, television and radio, so you can retweet or watch and listen to anything related to NASA. Another section is devoted to NASA Centers, where you can learn the roles of each center and how they act independently of each other, as well as how they act in relation to one another as a group.

NASA app is updated frequently, so visitors can stay abreast of everything from current events to future missions, as well as things in the news. This app is great for science teachers, and would be very helpful for many school projects, including providing ideas for science fair projects. It would be fun for parents and their children to explore together, as they learn and discuss what’s happening in outer space, or maybe foster dreams to become an astronaut.

I personally enjoy visiting this app often, because it has so many neat features, and I always learn something new when I visit. If you like space, or are simply curious about NASA and everything that goes on there, this app is definitely one you need to download and add to your stash.

Because when things are out of this world, you simply shouldn’t pass them up, this is M. J. thanking you for stopping by, and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday evening.

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