Saturday, November 7, 2015

App Review: Handrite

by M. J. Joachim

I love this app! Allow me to indulge by telling you a story…

In the midst of preparing breakfast for the dogs, inspiration for a poem came to me. I had to drop everything and put the words down somewhere. Dragging out my computer wasn’t an option, lest the words evaporate before I pulled up the appropriate screen. I had enough to think about, repeating the words over and over again out loud, so I wouldn't forget them. That’s when it hit me. Make a new note on my tablet and put the words on there until I had time to work on the poem. Easy doesn’t begin to describe it! I opened my app, wrote a new note in seconds and went back to feeding the dogs.

For writers, this is an invaluable app that can be applied to almost anything, anywhere and anytime. As the lady of the household, I wouldn’t know what to do without it, because it helps me organize all sorts of things. Simple daily items like reminding myself to pick up milk, take the trash to the street or call to make a necessary appointment can all be jotted down on notes in my tablet. Recipes from friends when chatting, license plate numbers of crazy drivers, upcoming birthdays, special holiday presents and more are directly at my fingertips, without the added hassle of setting alarms, looking up lists in my phone or transferring documents and sharing them via email and other technological advances.

When you’re done with a note, all you do is throw it in the trash. If you have lots of notes on the same topic, you can make a notebook and keep them in there for added efficiency and organization. Did I mention I love this app? It’s one of the most useful tools I have on my tablet, and if you’ve ever relied on sticky notes as much as I have, I’m sure you’ll find it very handy too.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’ll probably see you again later when I finish that poem. In the meantime, have a wonderful Saturday and a perfect weekend!

M. J.

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