Monday, November 16, 2015

App Review: Clean Master Phone Boost

by M. J. Joachim

Let me preface by clarifying that I use this app on my tablet, so it is not connected to my phone. In reading past reviews of this product, and when I say past, I mean a couple of years ago, I noticed a few complaints about how this app works on phones. I can’t help but think many of the bugs have been worked out since then, due to necessary upgrades and the like, but since I’m not using it on my phone, I can’t test these features to be sure.

Clean Master has made my life so much easier, as I’m almost always using my tablet in some capacity or other. The app completes a multitude of behind the scenes services, helping me save memory and battery life, as well as performing antivirus functions, warning me when apps could cost me money and boosting speeds on my device, so it runs more smoothly and efficiently. It even lets me know when my system is getting too warm, and has a feature to let me cool it down.

The app manager is one of my favorite features, because when you review as many apps as I do, you like to keep track of them, and easily discard the ones you don’t like, thus saving memory and space on your device. I’ve discarded a few already reviewed apps, because I know I won’t be using them again, so there’s no need to let them take up space or sit idle in the background. Another cool feature is that this device lets me turn off any apps that might be running in the background, and it helps me organize and track all the apps I’m downloading, using and intend to test for future reviews. If any app is causing problems, I have options that are clear and easy to decipher.

Software almost always includes a few junk files, and Clean Master helps me trash these, making my tablet run without all the added gunk that might bog it down. Another nice thing is that it lets me know how much storage and ram I’m using in its entirety, as well as for just about everything on my device - some things I never thought to check, because they are behind the scenes, and when things are out of sight, they are easy to forget.

The settings on this app allow me to scan for memory, low space, obsolete items, big files and more. It provides real time protection and safe browsing - so far I haven’t noticed any interference from any of these components, other than letting me know I might need to boost something, because it bogs down my device, making it run slower than it should. There are so many positives about using this free app, so I urge you to give it a try and see if it doesn’t make your life a little easier and your device a little more secure too.

In the interest of pressing the easy button to make technology work better for us, this is M. J. wishing you a wonderful Monday :)

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