Sunday, November 8, 2015

App Review: Block Blast

by M. J. Joachim

Though it looks an awful lot like Tetris, this app is nothing like the game so many of us have become addicted to. The blocks are similar geometric shapes, and their colors are a fairly close resemblance, but after that, the similarities between the two games almost stop.

In this game you are given a grid and 3 tiles at a time. Your job is to place the tiles in strategic places on the grid, obliterating lines when tiles cover all spots vertically or horizontally on the board. It’s easy enough to do when you first get the app, but as you progress and it gets harder, there’s a bit of finesse and a lot more thinking involved. This is when things get interesting, because as much as you think you can’t lose, you soon find out you can.

False confidence aside, this game is so much more entertaining once you get past the baby steps of understanding how to play, and solving all the puzzles so easily. It’s not super fast or anything. Once you reach a certain level, you really do have to take your time with each piece you place on the grid. But that’s what makes it so fun. I doubt I’ll be playing this game every day, but it will definitely remain in my stockpile for when I need a little down time.

May your life be riddled with easy puzzles, but not so easy you never have to think about what you are doing,

M. J.

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