Monday, November 16, 2015

App Review: BBC News

by M. J. Joachim

This app is a bit disappointing for a number of reasons. The formatting is difficult to see on the page, so even though you can sort of guess the headlines, to see if you want to view the articles, you truly are guessing, and once you get to the article, it might not be what you were hoping to find. Another thing that bothered me about this app were all the typos. I’m not referring to British vs. American spelling either. I’m talking about some very poorly edited articles, the kind that make me squint my eyes and cringe, because I can’t imagine any owner allowing pieces to impair user experience in this way on their app.

There are lots of different categories, topics and articles to choose from, but considering the initial experience with the app, one has to wonder if they are credible, because where editing is lacking, it’s likely more difficult tasks like research, are less than reliable too. Since it doesn’t appear they show any of their sources for information, other than saying something like, “…as found by BBC Monitoring,” it makes me wonder whether any of their news items are based on fact, fiction or a combination of the two, because I can’t help but wonder if the authors did their homework, or merely slapped together an article to increase pages on the app.

All things being considered, I wouldn’t download this app, because I don’t think it truly contains valid news from reliable resources. There are several other news apps that will provide well-founded, accurate information, apps that will deliver quality news without being sloppy in their writing of it.

Readers and writers should always do their homework and depend on reliable sources,

M. J.

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