Saturday, October 31, 2015

Poetry: Internal Conspiracy

by M. J. Joachim

Grandiose visions
Have not I
Of fame or fortune
Pie in the sky

Nor did I err
At once deceive
Myself with glory
I didn’t crave

Only passion
Desire and need
Created truth from
This internal seed

A journey unraveled
Folklore must be told
Scavengers wanting
Before they get old

Dust mites do settle
Alone they will breed
Feeding on flakes
Until they are freed

Captured in silence
Away to the tombs
Creatures unhallowed
Forbearing their wombs

We in the dark
Or light that is dim
Fighting such reason
Our life but to skim

Oh, but to salvage
What little there is
Captured in sequence
There might be a quiz

Safe in our harbors
Despite our affairs
Wreaking such havoc
On those unawares

Beware of the darkness
Don’t go to the light
Mediocrity settles
To be so contrite

Captured in silence
Alone in the dark
Waves of great nausea
Daring to remark

Oh that I listen
To all those who doubt
Working in silence
I have but to flout

Tis I said the vision
Of domestic pang
Release of your yin
For I am your yang

As always, it is with extraordinary appreciation that I thank you for visiting today,

M. J.

©2015 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: CCO Public Domain