Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review: All I Want by Shayne Parkinson

by M. J. Joachim

World War I had ended; soldiers were picking up the pieces after all its devastation. As a period piece, this short story conveyed the essence of the time, while charming us with a nicely written short love story, a story capable of attracting us to two well defined characters, in a time where protocol mattered more than consciousness.

Such is the formality of the narrative of two young lovers destined to spend their lives together. They were old for their time, the maiden in her late twenties, making it doubtful she would ever find a suitor. The master met her by chance, and their destiny to make a life together supervened.

Celebration, tribulation and dreams were all part of the skillful details sketched throughout the story. Characters, nuances and scenery were precisely done.

It’s a good quick read, if you have the time. I enjoyed it, and found it curiously satisfying.

Happy Friday to you,

M. J.

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