Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Review: 101 Ways to Earn Money from Home by H.Jayne

by M. J. Joachim

If you want to earn money from home, the first rule of thumb is to avoid spending money on useless gimmicks and books, offering nothing more than a bunch of random ideas someone threw together into a “resource” to earn their own money from home. There is no easy button, and for most people, blogging, freelance writing, promoting social media, doing consulting (what does that even mean exactly?), direct sales, providing tutoring and daycare etc. are the good old standbys that offer nothing more than a wish and a prayer, for those who somehow think there’s a magic pill or something one can take to get rich sitting on their butt at home.

Newsflash! There’s no mysterious beanstalk you can grow in your backyard to meet the golden goose. Reality check! Work is work, and you need to do it (in the real world or at home) if you want to have a steady paycheck. Building a business at home probably takes more time and hours to earn a decent paycheck, than getting a job in your local community. It’s brass tacks, not some book full of empty promises, telling you the same thing you can find out for free just by surfing the Internet.

Does anyone really make money from bake sales at their home? And reviewers - I’m one, and the job doesn’t pay at all! Do people really rent out their cars to earn a few bucks? Not me! That’s my car and I don’t want strangers driving it! Talk about a liability!

It takes money to make money, and this book offers neither. Nor does it offer solid, sound advice. Seriously, all this talk about making money, but no mention of the investments needed to do the things mentioned in this book! It takes money to go to school to transcribe medical records. It takes money to plant a garden so you can sell your produce to local restaurants, which takes even more money because you’ll need to pay for a taxi, because you rented out your car, btw.

Here’s hoping I saved you a few dollars today, because you really don’t need to buy this book, especially if you don’t have the money to spare while you’re looking for a way to make money!

M. J.

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