Friday, October 9, 2015

Blog Tips for User Friendly Blogging

by M. J. Joachim

It seems counter-intuitive at first, blogging without linking, hopping and actively joining the community. Perhaps it is, if that’s what you’re looking for when you blog. Then again, maybe not. Community happens when you get to know people by interacting with them. There are lots of ways to do this, and as much as it seems like the easiest way might be to share links, it’s important to consider that blogging is done in a virtual reality.

I’ve blogged both ways and from my perspective, pure blogging is the only way to go. I’ve gradually done away with anything that might interfere with my real blogging experience. Hence, all those badges and their codes are out the window. So are the links and anything else that might take traffic away from my blog.

Search engines were designed to help people find my blog, not other bloggers. If I’m doing it right, my traffic will increase because I’m posting quality content that continues to come up in search engines. Unless you’re a code expert, sharing and passing links around can be downright dangerous. Viruses, malware, spyware come to mind.

Anything with added code can be the difference of a good or bad blogging experience for you, and since you’re the one maintaining your own blog, you deserve to have the best experience possible. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind and help you:

1. Quality Content: Your content is gold, unless it’s not, in which case, you need to improve on your writing and publishing skills.

2. Screen Shot Pictures: Each blogging platform has its own code that may or may not be hindered by code in pictures included in your blog. Using screen shots eliminates any miscommunication. They also seem to load much faster for me, and they make formatting a breeze.

3. Comment Moderation: Unfortunately there are a lot of comment scammers out there, and they love adding links to blog posts. Those links, by the mere virtue of being present anywhere on your blog, direct juice elsewhere and take it away from you. Use comment moderation to prevent this problem. It’s not an insult to the person commenting. It’s an important remedy that prevents scammers from using your blog to find other bloggers too.

4. Building Community: Blog communities are built through trust, respect and consistency. If your audience trust you, they will always come back for more. If they respect you, they will look forward to your next post. If they value your content because it is reliable and consistent, they will visit your blog regularly, even when circumstances don’t allow you to post as often as you’d like.

5. Skip the Clutter: I like to visit clean, easy to read blogs. I enjoy soothing backgrounds, clear fonts, precise content and a pure experience. I don’t like scrolling down past the blog hop to find where to leave a comment, nor do I enjoy animated backgrounds that distract my eyes while I’m trying to read the posts. Focused blogs allow me to enjoy my reading experience or viewing pleasure. Skip the clutter and make your blog user friendly for everyone involved.

On that note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

M. J.

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