Wednesday, October 21, 2015

App Review: Nursery Rhymes for Kids

by M. J. Joachim

In the interest of not fighting technology, I couldn’t resist downloading a few apps for my one year old granddaughter. Turns out, they’re a lot more entertaining than Grandma, and a whole lot of fun to play together. Such is the way of the world, and Nursery Rhymes for Kids app is a delightful addition to our busy and fun filled days.

The animated illustrations in this app are top notch - very colorful, lively and enjoyable to watch. The songs are typical kids songs, except there’s a bit of a karaoke feel to things, because the words to the song slide across the bottom of the screen and are highlighted as they are sung. There’s also a bit of math involved, because you are required to add two numbers to unlock certain features.

Obviously a one year old can’t add sums, so Grandma did it for her. Little ones are capable of singing along and dancing with the music, however, and my little one was bursting with energy, as she babbled, cooed, giggled and moved to the music and animation on the screen.

This truly is an app worth getting for your wee ones. Much of it is free, but there are some opportunities to buy more songs. It’s really not necessary, because the songs available and the ones you unlock by adding numbers are more than enough to keep little ones happy for quite a little while.

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M. J.

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