Friday, October 30, 2015

App Review: Move It!

by M. J. Joachim

Another puzzler, this app requires you to move tetris style pieces up, down and sideways, in an effort to get the big red square up, out and off of the screen. There’s a catch, because as you advance, pieces that look alike move as one, even though they’re in different spaces on the board.

Talk about driving me crazy! Okay, not at much as the Unblock apps, but still, I was doing really good until multiple pieces were moving simultaneously. As much as I like to believe I think outside the box, this box puzzle app has me testing myself in ways I frankly wasn’t prepared for. None-the-less, I opt to play in novice or casual mode, and perhaps one day I’ll get the hang of this thing. Until then, I’m happy to let it drive me crazy, assessing thinking and reasoning skills, and clearly scrutinizing my logical abilities.

It’s a good app, different enough from other apps that might be comparable to it, and if you check it out, I think you’ll either have a whole lot of fun, or drive yourself crazy trying to prove you can figure it out.

Just call me puzzled by puzzles,

M. J.

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