Thursday, October 22, 2015

App Review: Hooked on Phonics

by M. J. Joachim

Filled with engaging songs and activities that teach letter sounds, encourage learning and test learning strengths and weaknesses, Hooked on Phonics is an exciting educational app that helps kids learn to read, while reinforcing classroom learning. It’s an innovative way to make learning fun, allowing children to spend quality tech time, while enhancing their classroom studies.

Lessons are divided into a few short segments that can be worked on every day. However, I personally would let the kids play with the program at will, and not worry so much about a structured reading environment with this app. The app can be used both alone and with an adult guiding the process, so a combination of both methods might provide the most effective. Lessons are divided into four easy steps: learn, practice, read, succeed. There are 12 Steps, each with the aforementioned categories. Kids can learn at their own pace and really have a ball.

This app is great for exposing even the youngest children to the alphabet, while it teaches letter sounds, pre-reading skills and reading to early readers. Since there are short, easy to read stories throughout the app, it seems probable that children who use this app will develop a love of books and a generous desire to read.

Reading is vitally important today, which is why finding, reviewing and sharing this app can have such an impact. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you always have lots of good reading material on hand.

M. J.

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