Friday, October 30, 2015

App Review: Dice Planet

by M. J. Joachim

I swear if I didn’t think I had dyslexia before, I do now that I’ve started playing this app. I keep throwing away the dice I’m supposed to keep, and then kicking myself for losing all those points! Who knew there were so many variations of Yahtzee, plus a few new dice games I’ve never even heard of before?

This app is very user-friendly and easy to understand and play. The scoreboard is right there, and whenever you have points, they are highlighted on the screen so you can take them. The dice are easy to roll and choose, and the games can be figured out without even reading the rules for the most part.

You can play alone or with up to four opponents, by sharing your device. This isn’t an online community game or anything, but you can challenge yourself by playing more than one hand if you want. When it comes to this app I say, “Take a chance. Roll the dice. It’s all good and you might have a few minutes of fun when you do.”

I mean, who doesn’t love dice games, right?

M. J.

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