Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poetry: Wealth Found in the Garden

by M. J. Joachim

Garden overflowing
Riches to be had
Reminding each and all of us
Life’s never quite that bad

Tomato on the vine
First on the plants to grow
Unplanted hollyhock in corner
Royal richness it does show

The greatest of the treasures
By far from all the rest
Are the hummingbirds that take a bath
As the hose sprays on the grass

Ne’re planned, nor acquisitioned
These treasures did unfold
With the maintenance of the garden
Daily chores paying in gold

Not the gold of miners
Nor the riches of the kings
Wealth from each new moment
And the joy each garden brings

Inspiration for Poem

Today’s poem was inspired by some simple and treasured moments. I noticed my first tomato the other day and was positively thrilled. Today as I was watering my tomato plants, I gazed over at the overgrown weeds I’ve been meaning to pull for quite some time. They have lived a season - when they were green they were so pretty! Now they are brown and covered in thorns. There amidst them, back by the garden shed, was one solitary and vibrant hollyhock, flowers I haven’t planted in at least a couple of years!

I stopped and started taking pictures, because when you’re that overwhelmed with the miracle of nature, and you have your phone on you, that’s just what you do. I proceeded to water the new rhubarb plant and lonely piece of sod in our tortoise’s home. It’s something I picked up because I know Archie likes to graze. I moved onto the newly planted herb garden outside the kitchen window.

As I was wandering back to wind up the hose and turn off the water, I looked at the small, unplanned corner of grass next to the patio the dogs like to lay on, and figured I’d water it too. My eyes wandered to the other unplanned patch of grass under the mesquite tree, the one that grew because that’s where I washed and planted my herb garden in its pots.

For whatever reason, I carried the hose over there and started watering the scraggly strands, putting my thumb over the hose to make a nice spray. My eyes took in my surroundings, my mind escaped and my heart felt peace. Such a quiet, beautiful morning, not too hot, standing under the new foliage of the mesquite tree, with the hose running on dirt and a small bit of grass.

Seconds later I heard, no - felt the fly-by and buzz of our friendly little hummingbird that visits us every year. Actually, this might have been one of her babies, because this was definitely a little guy. She danced near the water, skittering near and far from my face. I whispered softly, “It’s okay little hummingbird. You can get a drink and take a bath.” She fluttered in excitement, dancing in and out of the gentle spray of water.

I did my best not to move or make another sound as I stood there holding the hose, keeping my thumb ever so securely over the nozzle, so as not to disrupt the gentle spray. She went away, but not very far. Quick as a flash there were two hummingbirds, one fluttering high above my head in the mesquite tree, while my little friend took another bath and got a drink, enticing the second one to do the same, which it happily did only seconds later.

I stood patiently, fighting off the urge to get my camera from my pocket, until they both finished and flew away. It was pure gold, one of the best garden experiences I will add to my treasure forever in my heart.

I hope you all have lovely garden experiences too. Whether you plant your own, visit friends and neighbors with them or stroll through city and rural gardens maintained for community pleasure, gardens are such a delight for anyone willing to slow down and observe what they have to offer.

Best to all,

M. J.

©2015 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: M. J. Joachim, my first tomato, a rogue hollyhock ©2015 All Rights Reserved