Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Increasing Blog Traffic by Posting More Often

by M. J. Joachim

I’ve taken to posting as often as the urge to create a blog post strikes me lately. It started out as an effort to catch up on all those books and book review requests I have, and ended up taking on a life of its own. The results so far have been pleasantly surprising.

Since I’m not posting about the same thing all the time, and I’m definitely taking my time to make posts worthwhile and informative for my readers, I’m getting more page views on my blogs. Take this blog for example. I’m posting book and movie reviews, poetry analysis, writing tips and my own creative writing. If it’s related to writing, it ends up here. There’s enough variety to keep things interesting, and enough new content to attract new visitors here.

This accidental multiple posting each day has resulted in more traffic and exposure for my blogs. I’m doing it on a couple of my other blogs too; they’ve seen the same results. I’m currently running a series of children’s program reviews on Effectively Human. When I saw how many shows I need to watch, I knew I was going to be posting as often as I finished each review. It makes perfect sense, especially if I want the category to be comprehensive and don’t want to take years to complete it.

Solid content rules when you blog. That’s how you grow your audience. That’s how you get more page views and that’s how you make friends with your followers and those who comment on your blog.

I hope this information helps you in all your blogging activities.

M. J.

©2015 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: Pixabay, Gerald, CC0 Public Domain