Thursday, April 9, 2015

Creating New Content through Theme Blogging

by M. J. Joachim

Theme blogging is one way to consistently have new ideas for pages on your blog. When your blog is built around a theme, it is easy to come up with new content, because as long as it relates to the theme, you can do a search if you don’t already have an idea for each page you create. Doing searches regularly is also a good idea, because it helps you produce current content on your pages, as opposed to yesterday’s news. Evergreen content, or information that won’t change over time, can be made into new pages as the idea develops and is transposed into new page content.

Quality research makes a world of difference when creating new pages for your blog. Making quality content requires due diligence, research, fact checking (preferably with an open mind) and appropriate editing and proofreading prior to publishing new pages on your blog.

Generating blog series is a limited form of theme blogging, which enables you to make multiple posts centered around a specific topic related to the overall theme of your blog. This blog is about writing tips. Consequently, I created book and movie review pages, poetry analysis and creative writing pages here, along with general writing tips which can be anything writing related. A gardening blog might include general information about gardening. Within this theme, series might include plant species, pest control, climate zones and edible gardens that might include recipes for each plant mentioned.

Theme blogging is one way to ensure you never run out of ideas or content. When you have a lot of ideas and content to create, it’s easy to publish multiple pages each day. It’s helpful to have some sort of system to keep track of these ideas. This might be as easy as opening a note on your desktop and posting your ideas with a couple of reference links.

Theme blogging and producing blog series also makes it easier to organize your blog, similar to a traditional website. Once you have enough related content, you can make pages at the top of your blog and place related links on them. While this adds one more step when you create a new page, because you should publish and post the link to your new article on its page, it also makes it easier for visitors to easily find content on your blog.

Is your blog centered around a theme? Do you publish series related to that theme, in an effort to increase content and develop new ideas for your pages? Based on blogs you visit, what are some of your favorite blog themes? Do you think having a theme makes it easier or more difficult to create new content for your blog?

Thanks so much for visiting Writing Tips today. I hope I’ve inspired you to create lots of new content for your blog, and have given you a few ideas on how to create new content.

M. J.

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