Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review: Jump Start Your Gluten-Free Diet!

by M. J. Joachim

Produced by The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, Jump Start Your Gluten-Free Diet! provides a wealth of information to anyone dealing with gluten food related problems. “The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center is dedicated to raising awareness, increasing diagnosis rates and meeting the needs of people affected by celiac disease nationwide through education, research and advocacy.”

As someone recently diagnosed with celiac, I can affirm that this book is extremely informative and helpful. In fact, it’s one I will keep as a resource on my kindle, because not only does it offer valuable information about the disease and things like gluten intolerance associated with it, but it also contains lists of products containing gluten, gluten free recipes and a variety of resources, support groups and more to help those who need it. I personally can’t wait to try the cereal crusted chicken recipe, and the pancakes sound really good too.

Understanding celiac, gluten sensitivity and gluten allergies is necessary, because so many people are affected by them, and the affects can be extremely harsh. In some people, these effects remain silent, and are capable of causing untold damage for years. Thus the importance of this book. The chart above can be found online and in this book. I always thought celiac was a rare disease. It’s not and as we learn more about it, we will be able to help the millions of people who suffer from it.

I hope you find this post informative and valuable. If you have unresolved health problems, I hope you’ll ask your doctor about the possibility of gluten problems in your diet. I had health problems for years before being diagnosed with celiac. Once I went gluten free, many of them cleared up and went away. I’m not saying going gluten free is a miracle cure or anything, but I do know that if gluten is a problem for you, going gluten free is likely to make a world of difference. Of course, you need to determine if it’s a problem first, or you can go gluten free and see if you feel so much better like I did. Then I followed up with my doctor, and sure enough, I tested positive for celiac.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter if you celebrate,

M. J.

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