Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Book Review: Behind Bars, True Crime Stories Volume 1 by Sean Lewis

by M. J. Joachim

Based on actual cases, Behind Bars shares a rather scary story about a woman who made some really bad and stupid choices, probably based on the theory that love is blind, but ultimately based on the reality that we can convince ourselves to believe anything, especially if we try hard enough.

The story itself was interesting and told well. My biggest complaint is that it lacked editing, and consequently had too many typos and a few grammar issues. For such a short story, this didn’t work for me at all. I could just as easily watch one of those Forensic Files episodes or something, and caught the gist of the message being relayed.

Lewis’s point of this series is to help people avoid the very real possibility of facing criminal charges for being naive and not believing they can be manipulated into doing terrible things that have some very real and harsh consequences. It’s common sense, and people often put too much trust in shady individuals, ultimately kicking themselves when things turn sour for them.

Still, I’m not sure the majority of us would be stupid enough to case a bank without knowing that’s what we’re doing. It falls under the category of stupid criminals, if you ask me. Yet, I now believe there are some people just stupid enough to do things like this, without any clue at all, who end up in a lot of trouble and spend years trying to undo their stupidity!

Because it’s so short, you might really get a kick out of this one, despite the minor lack of editing. There are lessons to be learned, not so much about irresistible love, as about opening one’s eyes and making reasonable decisions, before opting out of the life we have for some ridiculous notion that changes our life forever. Think, don’t jump comes to mind. Change is good, as long as it’s positive. Beware of the con, because yes, scams and scammers do exist and no one wants to be their sucker.

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M. J.

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