Sunday, March 29, 2015

Movie Review: Still Mine

by M. J. Joachim

I can only hope that my husband and I will grow old like the wonderful couple that grew old together in Still Mine. They listened to and protected each other. They were kind and stood as one, even as age began to take their toll on them. They were best friends and loved in the way that only 60+ years of marriage lends itself too.

Add in seven adult kids always looking out for their best interest, and one government employee hell-bent on putting the screws to them, and this movie had me laughing, crying and dreaming of a future where old people have rights and are perfectly capable of taking care of their needs, albeit in sometimes creative and eccentric ways.

No law is greater than love and history. It’s a teaser, because this movie put a little bit of sense into the common of law. Sometimes laws need to be challenged, especially when they don’t have any flexibility or leeway in them. This movie tugs at the heart, gives food for thought and is very enjoyable to watch.

Have you ever challenged a law you knew was wrong? What are your thoughts on growing old? Do you think the elderly deserve to grow old the way they want, adapting their lives to their needs as necessary? How do you feel about nursing and private care homes for the elderly?

Best of Sunday to you,

M. J.

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