Sunday, March 29, 2015

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead

by M. J. Joachim

Some important issues come to light and are addressed in the film, God’s Not Dead. I’m thoroughly convinced literary license was taken when telling the story, offering extreme examples after compiling a broad survey from Christian groups at colleges, to see if they are discriminated against. I doubt if any of this was done scientifically, with all precautions to make sure that exact data with limited variables was taken into consideration, thus rendering the film more loosely based on fiction than fact. That’s not to fault it for bringing to light that some professors are intimidating enough to make their students believe what they say without question.

I had one of those in college, and his anger at me for being too young to be in his class is something I will never forget. It was one of my very first college courses, English 101. During the first week of class he asked, “Who here is going to vote in the upcoming election?” I didn’t raise my hand and he came unglued, went on a rampage about why it is so important to vote, humiliated and embarrassed me in front of the entire class and then asked me if I changed my mind. I quietly slid deeper into my chair and said, “No.” He came over to my desk and stared at me with those cold, cruel eyes of his. “Why aren’t you going to vote?!” he demanded. I looked up in fear, fighting back the tears, “Because I’m not old enough,” I said. “I’m only 17.” He looked at me with disdain, “Well, then you’re not old enough to be in college or my class,” he yelled.

I digress, but only to prove a point. Some professors really are that mean and demanding. They take on the role of authoritarian and determine who does and doesn’t succeed, based on nothing more than their desire to be in charge. Thank God that isn’t the norm though, and thank God the word gets out about which professors make one’s life and experience easier, and which ones to definitely avoid.

God’s Not Dead was easy to watch, gave me quite a few things to think about and made some very good points. It addressed an important issue that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, and made some interesting points about a number of spiritually related topics, most of which I will take with a grain of salt, btw. I haven’t read the book for this one, and having seen the movie, I’m not inclined to make time to do so. I know the story now. It was good and made its point.

Have you seen this movie or read the book? Please share your thoughts, stories about college professors and whatever else you’d like in the comments.

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