Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tyrean Martinson Reveals the Makings of an Everyday Writer

by Tyrean Martinson

“Yes, I still blog,” declares M. J. Joachim, ever so thankful to have received this wonderful email from her writing friend, Tyrean. Blame it on life. Blame it on turning 50 last Sunday. Blame it on beautiful weather - I did put on my bathing suit to get some sun in our 80 degree temps the other day…wasn’t brave enough to swim in the very cold pool, but did manage to catch a few rays just the same. This is the time of year to get things done in Arizona, because once the extreme heat arrives, no one wants to go outside at all. You’ll be glad your snow has melted and I’ll be patiently waiting for the fall. On that note, thanks again Tyrean, for providing me with a much needed update for my blog.

An everyday writer might wear old blue jeans and a t-shirt from a three day Christian concert festival to work at her scuffed dining room table with a giant mug of tea in a Tink cup, with her feet bare.

An everday writer might wear the same outfit, while sipping on an espresso Italian soda at her favorite coffee shop with her laptop and a notebook open in front of her while four ladies at an adjoining table play bridge, and a rowdy group that spills out from another table tells photography adventure stories.

An everyday writer might use a pen or pencil, a laptop, a tablet, or a laptop. An everyday writer might have a dog at her feet and a cat on her lap, with two kids coming in and out of the room. An everyday writer might write in the wee hours of the morning before anyone else gets up, on her coffee break at work, at lunch, in her car (when it’s stopped in a parking lot!), or late at night.

The only thing that makes an everyday writer is writing.

And, it’s up to the everyday writer to choose how much he/she wants to write each day. Some everyday writers write a sentence each day, minimum. Some everyday writers write a page every day. Some write 2,000 words each day. The amount is not what makes an everyday writer. The act of writing makes an everyday writer.

I’m an everyday writer. My minimum on bad days: one paragraph in my journal. My minimum on regular days: 1,000 words. I’ve met everyday writers who write a sentence each day on their calendars. That’s their minimum. And, it works. They are writers. They get to decide how much they can commit to writing each day.

Are you an everyday writer? And what does writing every day mean to you? 

Tyrean Martinson, an everyday writer, likes to write in jeans and old Christian concert t-shirts while drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, preferably served up in her Tinkerbell or Eeyore mugs (these are 16oz mugs, not wee cups). She teaches writing classes to home-school teens once a week, and she writes fantasy, science fiction, space opera, poetry, experimental hint fiction, and writing help and curriculum books.

Her latest releases reflect her love of everyday writing: A Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts eBook with the companion paperback, A Pocket-Sized Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts, and the additional Jumble Journals. The eBook version is only 99 cents at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

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I plan to post again here soon because Tyrean also recently nominated me for a pretty special blogging award, which I appreciate more than you know. As she says, "...and we are only six weeks in? seven? I'm not sure." 2015 is definitely keeping at least a few of us on our toes, and I am certainly one of them.

Here's to all of you! Thanks so much for being such a cool and wonderful part of my blogging world!

M. J. 

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